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First and fore most I would like to share with you that for every bottle of flipflop wine purchased, Soles4Souls will distribute a pair of shoes to someone in need.*

*Up to 100,000 pairs in the first year

flipflop - to each, their own!  PINOT NOIR

My Grandpa
So let me tell you a little story. Do you see this man? Well, he's my grandfather, and he's from Palermo, Sicily. When he came to this country he decided to bring the family recipe for wine with him, and he made wine in the basement for years while I was a child, and every year their house would smell like somebody's old dirty socks. Grandpa made the kids drink his wine for their health.  Good blood as he would say, and that sip of wine would've put hair on the bottom of your feet much less your chest. Gramma would sneak a little 7up in the glass for the kids so we could drink it and be in grandpa's favors.

Now, flipflop to each their own... sent me some wine for my review and my opinion.

 Pinot Noir: Medium structured with a grape, sweet spice and a mellow, warm and pleasant finish. Pinot Grigio: Light & refreshing with tropical citrus, ripe pear and a fresh zesty clean finish. Riesling: Medium-bodied with peach, apricot and melon, which leads to a satisfying, smooth lip smacking finish!  As Papa use to say, "Ummmmm" that's when the wine was good!

Today I don't drink much hard liquor because yes you guess it I'm a wino!  I've drank a variety of wines in my day, but I must say after coming across flipflop wine this has to be one of my top choices especially for table wine at home. We served this wine at our Memorial Day picnic to my husband's band members, and their wives, and they were all quite pleased with it.  Let me tell you though when I drink wine I usually ask for the Zinfandel because I like a light wine not something to fill my mouth with bitter or with too sweet.  I thought the two bottles that were yellow would be bitter so I saved the grape for hubby and myself.  Right decision.  When I sipped it, rolled it around a tad and swallowed it wasn't bitter at all in fact it was very tasty.  The other wines weren't bitter actually they were mellllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooow!  ~haha~ Yes, I was very pleased.  Only problem was they were all gone much too fast.

 Now, granted I got to try 3 of their wines, which was a very wonderful opportunity for my husband and I, so we decided to share with our friends, and I'm glad we did because of my background I was relying on family instincts to take over, and they sure did.

This wine is not a connoisseur type wine, but I'm going to say it like it is and you can quote me, "It's dam good!" It's the kind of wine you sit back on your couch, put your feet up, take a taste and it's the ahhhhhhhhh afterwards that counts, and if you don't get that it's like they say, "to each, there own".

Now if you notice I keep showing your the purple bottle.   Pinot Noir it's very different from most red wines. It's not bitter at all!  Tasty, mellow and mild!, and it goes great with Briscole!!!  lol  

 The Pinot Grigio my husband tried, but he's not really a wine drinker, but he said it did top off his dinner quite nicely.  He was eating barbecue ribs all day!  I tried it, but I feel like that's one of those sipping wines where you just savor the flavor!  Last but not least the Riesling
to me tasted like peaches, a tad of melons.  The description say apricots, but to be quite honest I couldn't taste that, but this is the one you get a nice tall glass after work, and sip on the front porch and relax on a summer's eve.  So, that's it.  I hope I didn't make your mouth water too much, but as I said I like wine, but I don't like bitterness.  Flipflop is a wine where they put the flavors together, and sweetness and mildness met and the gentleman said, "To each, their own".   Cheers!


Lorie Shewbridge said...

They sound really delicious... especially the Pinot Noir as I like reds. I'm not really a fan of white zinfandels but I do LOVE red zinfandels.
How lucky of you to be able to review 3 different wines, I'm totally jealous. And you didn't save me any, BooHoo! I guess next time I better save you some blueberry bread pudding. =)

Introducing Mr. Cool said...

Well, that sounded like a really fun time, and really good wine. I've never heard of it. I'm off to the website to check it out. Thanks for the advice, and reasonable too! Hmmmm

Sofa King said...

Whoa! The guys, and I really liked the wine with our dinner, but you know we had to have some brewski's afterwards! I must say though it was quite refreshing with our Briscole - nummmmmmmmmmmm Thanks for introducing the new stuff. Guess blogging ain't so bad after all huh?

Unknown said...

Love the story about your grandpa!

Adaptable Kay said...

That is such a great story and memory about your grandfather! I've always been partial to wine {I, too, was a sipper before I turned 21}, and now that I'm of legal age, I enjoy a glass every now and again :)

My only issue is I've realized I'm like my mom-We can't handle the sulfates in wine and it gives us a headache >.<

Great review Dolly! I'm glad you got to enjoy this great product!

Lucy said...

My Great Uncle made his wine in the basement too and he believed that everyone should have at least one glass a day for 'good blood'. Like you, we thought we might die drinking his wine LOL.

Anyway, I must admit I would never pick up a wine named "Flip Flop" and I am glad you reviewed it, I am thinking I might have to try it, especially for such a good cause, sounds like a WIN-WIN!

Anonymous said...

Great review! I LOVE their wines...and love the cause behind the company!

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