Sunday, February 28, 2016

Who are they?

I got this in my e-mail the other day and these are amazing and sooo very interesting too.  There's some real old ones here.  ENJOY!

A young Yul Brynner:
Yul Brynner

Buddy Ebsen-Coast Guard-WW21941-46 (Actor):
Buddy Ebsen

Donald Jay
Don Rickles

Very young Lucille Ball:

A very young Mae West:
Mae West

A young Dolly Parton:
Dolly Parton

Tom Hanks:
Tom Hanks

A young Patrick Stewart:
Patrick Stewart

Wow, a young William Shatner, 1952. Newton Photographic Associate.:
William Shatner

Fred Gwynne (July 10, 1926 ? ?   July 2, 1993). Born in New York, NY. Graduated from Harvard University. Served in US Navy during WW II. Actor best known for his roles in the television series Car 54, Where Are You? and The Munsters.:
Fred Gwynne

Sean Connery:
Sean Connery

Dwight Eisenhower was the only President to serve in the military in both World War I and World War II.:
Dwight Eisenhower

Marlon Brando attempted to join the Army but was rejected due to a football knee injury he got at Shattuck Military Academy. He later had knee surgery changing his draft status from 4-F to 1-A. Due to his attitude at the draft board during questioning he was rejected from the Korean War.:
Marlon Brando

Lucy & Desi - WW II:
WWII Lucy and Desi

Actor Sgt Glenn Ford US Marine Corps (Served 1942-1944) Short Bio: In WWII started, he put his career on hold and enlisted in the US Marines. In 1992, Ford was awarded the French Legion of Honor Medal for his service in France during the war aiding those fleeing from the Nazis. He also served in Vietnam as a member of the United States Naval Reserves retiring as a Captain.:
Glenn Ford

Dan Blocker-Army-Korea-Sergeant (Actor):
Dan Blocker

Lieutenant John F. Kennedy, USN, World War II. One of my favorite pictures of him.:
Young Jack 

Charles Durning  Actor and War Hero.  Seriously wounded during WWII while serving in combat as an infantryman. Served in the invasion at Normany. Earned 3 Purple Hearts and a Silver Cross. After a Land mine serious injuries, refused a military discharge. Went to Battle Of The Bulge. Wounded again, spent time in military hospitals until 1946, well after the war ended. Durning is perhaps one of the bravest entertainers ever to serve in the U.S. Army. Star in over 100 films.   (December 24th):
Charles Durning

Famous Marines: ? ? SAt 16, Hackman left home to join the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served four-and-a-half years as a field radio operator.? ? #USMC #History  via
Gene Hackman

Steve McQueen- U.S. Marine Corps.:
Steve McQueen

Johnny Cash during his time in the Air Force.:
Johnny Cash

Jack Benny-Navy-WW1-1917:
Jack Benny

Leonard Nimoy #startrek:
Leonard Nimoy

The Aurness brothers James Arness (Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke)  & Peter Graves (Flicka, Mission Untouchable):
Brothers James Arness
and Peter Graves

Young Clark Gable:
Clark Gable

Clint Eastwood:
Clint Eastwood

Frank Sinatra:
Frank Sinatra

Edward P.
Ed McMahon

Lee Marvin left school and joined the US Marine Corps as a sniper scout.  He was wounded in action at the Battle of Saipan during WWII and was awarded the Purple Heart and discharged at the rank of Private First Class.:
Lee Marvin

Paul Newman-Navy-WW2-Radioman and gunner in torpedo bombers. Served aboard USS Bunker Hill during Battle of Okinawa 1945. (Actor):
Pau Newman
Edward G. Robinson-WW1-was too old for WW2 but gave money and traveled to entertain troops. (Actor):
Edward G Robinson  WW I

A young Farrah Fawcett:
Farrah Fawcett

Jack Nicholson high school yearbook:
Jack Nicholson

Barbara Streisand: A very young Barbra Streisand:
Barbara Streisand

Jay Leno:
Jay Leno

Young Bruce Willis before he was famous yearbook picture:
Bruce Willis
Young Richard Gere yearbook picture:
 Richard Gere

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

An e-mail sent to me from my friend in Arkansas! Mar-gate Shell Grotto...Amazing

My old boss who retired and moved to Arkansas sent me this.  He always sends me the most interesting stuff!!!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!  Thanks Fred!!!  

Buried deep underground in small English town of Margate, Kent; is a grotto shrouded in complete mystery. Adorned with 4.6 million shells and 70ft of winding underground passages leading to a rectangular chamber, this shell grotto is undoubtedly a remarkable site to behold.
Story has it that in 1835, a laborer was going about his usual field work, but when he struck the soil with his spade, it sank into the earth. The farmer realized that he was standing on something hollow, but was unable to see anything from the surface. Word spread around town, and a local school teacher volunteered his young son, Joshua, to be lowered into the hole with a candle. Upon emerging from the mysterious cavern, Joshua described rooms filled with hundreds of thousands of carefully arranged shells.

Underground Grotto
The Shell Grotto is adorned with symbols mosaiced in millions of shells, symbols that celebrate life as well as reminders of death.
Underground Grotto
The shell grotto hosts a passage, a rotunda and an altar chamber.
Underground Grotto
The shells in the grotto, include scallops, whelks, mussels, cockles, limpets and oysters, all of which can be found locally. However, the flat wrinkle shells must have been brought in from elsewhere.
Underground Grotto

Underground Grotto
With so much intricate detail, on a rather large scale, one question still remains, who built this underground cavern?
Underground Grotto
Shrouded in mystery, some believe that the grotto once had religious significance - primarily due to the vaulted ceilings and altar spaces.
Underground Grotto
Nobody knows how old the grotto is, but some theories about its origin date its constructions as far back as 3000 years ago.
Another theory holds that the grotto was created as an aristocrat's folly sometime in the 1700s. This proposed explanation is validated by the fact that shell grottoes were actually quite popular in Europe in the 1700s, especially among the wealthy. The only catch to this theory, though, is that the grotto's location was on farmland - a land that had never been part of a large estate where follies would have been satisfied.
Others believe that it may have been used as an astrological calendar in the past.
There are those also, who say that the grotto must somehow be connected with the Freemasons or the Knights Templar.
Others believe that the grotto may date as far back as 12,000 years ago, maintaining that it is connected to a mysterious Mexican culture.
Underground Grotto
Its mystery has left people completely stumped, so much so that in the 1930s, some had held séances, in the hopes of contacting the spirits of whoever built the grotto.
Right now, it seems, we will not discover the truth behind this mysterious shell grotto. The age of the shells could be determined through carbon dating according to the Shell's Grotto website, but it's a pricey process and other conservation issues are currently being prioritized. 
One thing is clear though, the arrangement of the shells must have taken countless hours of painstaking work.    (HOURS??- YEARS more like?)
Underground Grotto
Unfortunately, many of the shells in the grotto have faded over time, losing their luster through water damage. In its early days, it would have been full of dazzling color. This recreation shows what they might have looked like at the time, and with over 4.6 million shells, it surely must have looked astonishing!
Underground Grotto

Since its discovery, the Margate Shell Grotto has been opened to the public, first by Joshua's father, the school teacher. In 1835 he quickly bought up the land and began renovating the grotto to make it suitable for visitors. Two years later, in 1837, the grotto had been opened to the public for the first time, and still enjoys visitors today.

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