Saturday, July 25, 2009

And we're off!

Woo Hoo! Six more pounds. Slowly but surely... do you think I can? I feel like the Little Red Engine. Sheesh! Well, my oldest baby has faith in me that's for sure. Have a rush job - no time to talk. More Later.

Just a little advertisement for my baby here... If you happen to stop by here please post a comment on her website. She's in a contest and she needs all the comments she can get, and with four kids she needs to win something every now and then.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What will tomorrow bring...

Yesterday is gone, and today is here, but tomorrow what will it bring? I look back too much lately of where I have been and how different my life was, but yet somehow there are a few things I'd like to bring back. For example the way I looked. I was much healthier back then and much more active. I had many, many friends too. I gave up that life for my soul mate and my love, but much more my happiness. I never thought I'd find such happiness and contentment with this man, but now I look for the contentment within me. To be happy with me. Due to my body breaking down my exercises have been extremely limited lately, but at least I'm watching what I eat. I work at home, so there's no really walking anywhere unless I go shopping. Well, I have the Nutrition Clinic on Friday so I need to tell them their prescription no longer works on me. If it ain't one thing it's another. Not even the B12 shots are working. Well, more next time. Guess I'm just not in the mood to Let it all hang out!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What to do when you have nothing to do!

What to do when you have nothing to do. Listen to some good solid quality rock & roll original music and rock on at You will see things like:

Thought for the day: What are the printed lyrics for a rap song called?...A "rap sheet"?


The pages at the website reflect the original writing style of Dave Moody. All lyrical content & vocals, performance (unless otherwise noted) and recording by Dave Moody

Check out the website pages for samples of my original music from "the other side of the fence". So rock & roll. Shake your booty to the beat, get that cardiovascular valve pumpin'! Exercise to the beat!!!

Also if you want the music for your very own check out (just click on the CD):

DAVID MOODY: In the Beginning

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So, the last time I went I lost 5 more lbs. don't know how though. I'm watching what I eat is all, but no exercising as of yet. I guess I'm afraid to hurt my back, but also I've had a lot of work lately. My six month check up for my heart doctor is not until August. As of yesterday (last night) I've started getting those chest pains again between my breasts. Wish I knew what that was. Oh well, back to work. Lady next door got a new puppy today. It looks like my mother's poodle, Peppy. I miss my Cleo. It's not good to be alone. Wish I had another dog or pet, something. Oh well, such is life. My life sure has changed from what it use to be. Maybe I need to get back to work, but who would hire me. Need to lose more weight. Very depressing. Okay, back to work -- no, got to go to the store. I miss my mom. I should've treated her better. Should've went there more. Miss you, Mom. I miss my babies too. I'll never get to hold them again. They're too big now. Should've done things differently back then too. Should've tried to spend more time with them, talked to them more, play games -- well, can't turn back the clock.
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