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Monday's Music Moves Me


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RaveRave Girl
Drum Roll
    1.  #11 A Daft Scott's Lass
    2.  #20 Because I have too

This week the theme is:  freebie week!

So our first song comes from my granddaughter, Tatyanna!  The name of it is "Price Tag" by Jessie J - this one will get your butt moving!

Our Tatyanna - HELLO EVERYBODY!!!

OK Tatyanna is staying by NaNee's this week & we're gonna have tons of fun & we're going to let her play along with us this week.  No. 2 from Tatyanna is "Show goes on" by Lupe Fiasco 

Okay, Tatyanna came up with how about Swinging on a Star a song I use to sing to her when she was a baby, and now we both sing it together.
Now in honor of PINK having her 1ST baby girl, we Raise our Glass to her CONGRATS to PINK & CAREY HART- HELLO TO WILLOW SAGE!
Tot says let's let Dave pick one.  We gotta get out of this place by The Animals.
And from All of us at Monday's Music Moves Me to ALL of you!
May God Bless each & every one of you!
Visit Amanda, Run DMT, and Hairbows & Guitar Picks for more Music Monday fun.

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Katie @ Bookin It Up said...

She picked some great songs this week. What a cutie. The show goes on and the animals are my fav. I made it early this week yeah!!

Introducing Mr. Cool said...

Hi Dolly, your granddaughter is a real cutie I must say, and she's really up on her music isn't she. It must run in the family. I must say I've heard of the Animals, and naturally ol' Bing! A great song you two sing together now. Love it.

Liz Mays said...

Bing Crosby is always a nice change of pace!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I must be WAY too old, the only one I liked that Tat picked was the one by Bing Crosby. =)
Plus I like that song by Pink, but the video is just too strange to watch.
And o/f courd I LOVE the Animals' song - great pick Dave!!

Crisc said...

Your grand daughter and I have the same taste in music..Good choices =)

Run DMT said...

All great songs! I love Jessie J. Have you seen her raw and unedited videos on You Tube? Truly amazing! She is so talented!

Seriously, I love all these songs. Pink rocks. I need to download that Lupe Fiasco song for my running playlist. Swinging on a Star is just a fun little ditty, ain't it?

Great picks, mama!

Gigi Ann said...

You have a beautiful granddaughter. Being a Gigi, I knew one song today, the one by Bing...

Have a great MMMM day, today...

Stacy Uncorked said...

Your granddaughter is not only beautiful, but she has great taste in music! ;) I almost posted that Price Tag song today - too funny! Loved each and every choice! :)

Life Is Good Today - MMMM

Anonymous said...

This is why I LOVE you! Such an eclectic assortment of rock. Adore all of your picks!

Thanks for hosting!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Lovin playing today and feeling the music move me this Monday morning!

Bing Crosby is my favorite picks amongst the ones you selected, I believe. He had an amazing voice! =D

Rachel said...

I love Pink. She's awesome. Have a great week!

dollycas aka Lori said...

What a wonderful selection!! I LOVE BING AND PINK THE BEST!!

Artsnark said...

Fun picks! Your assistance have great taste... but of course :D Hope you all enjoy your week

Blogger Broadcast said...

Those are lively and perky for a Monday.

Emm said...

Tatyanna sounds lovely and she's got a great taste in music! I love the way her name is spelled too. Isn't Jessie J good? I find myself liking her despite not really wanting to!

I admit though, I like Dave's pick the most. I love the Animals.

Tatyanna said...

TeeHee Ilove all the songs cause I helped pick the 1st two! :D Hahaha

Love, Tatyanna

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