Thursday, January 3, 2013

Flashback Friendship Uncorked Aloha Friday

Link up an old picture and/or an old post! No rules, other than that. Have fun!! :)

Does anyone know what these are?


Question Of The Week: 
This Week’s Theme
Something Old, Something New

Share Something Old and Something New about your blog!
You can interpret this topic any way your like
But here is the suggestion:
For Something Old, why not share your 2012 Blog Recaps or
Something from 2012 that you’re particularly proud of, such as
Your favorite post, a friendship you made, or an event you launched?
For Something New, why not share about some of the
Changes you plan to make in regard to your blog
Or your approach to blogging for 2013?

So, 2012 I made new friends, and got closer to many friends I had already.  My Monday's Music Moves Me has held steady at approx. 30 people, and we all are really getting to know each other.  Now & then we have newbies so fresh music is cool.  My gals rock & we stop at everyone blog who signs in! We might be a day late, but we'll be there!  Love my buds!  They're duh best~ Also, been doing more give-aways, and reviews, which is a blast & with new companies!
Now SOMETHING NEW?  Well, you pried it out of me!  Somebody quick twist my arm!!! OKAY OKAY DON'T GET ROUGH~  Soon... shhh!  I hope anyway I am going .com!!!!  YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  MEEEEEEEEEEEE CAN YOU BELIEVE IT~  WOO HOO!  And I can hardly wait~!  I'm so excited about it.  Now that's all I can tell you right now, but I'm also getting a new look too!  weeee GOOSE-BUMPS!  MAMA IS MOVIN' ON UP!  OH JOY! OH RAPTURE!~  Now, just one more thing.... ARE YA READY?  ARE YA SITTIN' DOWN?  Guess who's going to BLOG HER 13?  GO AHEAD GUESS.... I'll take Guess who for $100 please!!!!  

Stacy has decided to put up a link for us for Aloha Friday participants because Kailani’s had her plate full and hasn’t had the linky up the last couple of months for Aloha Friday, so Stacy is bringing back the Friday Free For All so link up if you’re participating in Aloha Friday.  I did!  THANKS STACY!



"In Hawaii, Aloha Friday a day of rest. So on Fridays we're taking it easy! Our hostess is asking a simple question & we answer; nothing requires a lengthy response. If you’d  like to participate, just post your own question on your blog & leave your link at the very friendly place of Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends & new followers!

Question this week:  So how's everyone's 2013 going?  Good I hope!  Well, I would like to know your opinion about this beating the record of murders in 2012?  We hit over 500 or something like that, and we haven't beating the record since 2008.  Also, I heard something about changing gun laws on people owning guns.  Anything to say about that?

Oh Lord, don't get me started.  First, beating the freakin' record???  And that's a quote straight from Fox News!  Yes, Ma'am!  Now, first off who the hell cares about beating records, and murders shouldn't even be in the same sentence!  Duh, ya think?  And if everyone owned guns I guess we'd double that record now wouldn't we?  Also, we would not only lower the population I guess we would lower everything else too now wouldn't we.  People out of work for example.  There wouldn't be any people they would all be dead or in jail because they killed someone!  I GIVE UP!  THIS WORLD IS GOING TO HELL IN A BUSHEL BASKET AS MY GRAMPS USE TO SAY!  SHEESH!  GUNS?  No, I'm not for guns.  It's not the guns, it's the wacko's behind them.  I say put all the murders on Alcatraz Island and let them fen for themselves.  You want to get nuts with guns and have a good time fine here's a one way ticket for you - FREE!  OKAY, call me wrong then leave me your opinion/solution!

answers to above:  1st pic - mug with brush to put on soap for shaving. Ball & jacks, can opener, & food chopper (veggies). 2nd pic - A model of a 67 Thunderbird that is also a transistor radio - 3rd photo is a view master in mint condition with many additional photo cards.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Create With Joy said...

Happy New Year to you! First, I am SO excited about all of your news - first, your own domain - WHOPEE - then you're going to Blog Her? That is HUGE! Hope you'll still hob nob with the rest of us after the conference - lol! :-)

Thanks for the heads up on Stacy's new link up as well!

By the way, I enjoyed the photo flashback - although the only one I got right was the Jacks! I had a Viewmaster as a kid but mine was white and looked different than yours!

Happy New Year to you. Thanks for joining us for Friendship Friday!

Lucy said...

How exciting a new blog!!!
I only knew the Jacks!
That is great you are going to Blogher '13!
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Lynn Blaylock said...

Well Hello Dolly and Happy New Year! I new the Jack Rocks and View Finder. I loved my view finder when I was a little 'en and we could never beat Mama playing those darn Jacks.

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

You two look so cute.

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

Whoops-commented in the wrong section.

I actually knew what all those things were.

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