Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hi Everyone! This is my Weight Be Gone Thursday. If you would like to follow me in my journey you are welcome, and if you'd like to share your own journey feel free to sign my linky below, and I'll come visit you, and read your story too! If you have a great diet recipe you would like to share I'd appreciate it very much.

The reason I've started my journey is I had a rude awakening to the reality of life's threats in that if I still wanted to lead a fun, and somewhat of a meaningful happy life I had to make  some serious changes.  

Still containing water due to the weather, and and still wearing knee highs that don't do a dam bit of good except make my leg feel like it has a rubberband around it "OUCH".  I've had a bad reaction to the shots, so I'm pretty much a home body the last few days, but we'll see..

So if you wanna leave a lite recipe to help me on my quest that would be great or any great ideas for me that's good too.  Also, if you're like me and want to tag along and tell us how you're doing sign my linky and we'll all hop around and see how y'all are doing and swap stories or good things to do to help each other out.  We have to stick together on this.  Thanks so much.  It would be nice to have a bud to talk with regarding weight struggles.  I've even been looking into something called a "sleeve"!  This girl lost 160 lbs in about 11 months.  When I know more I'll do a Post for you.



Liz Mays said...

I know it stinks to change eating habits and lifestyles that way. It's like it sucks the joy out of everything, but on the flip, it buys you years of good health to spend with those you love most in the world.

Rebecca said...

for an afternoon treat I blend a cup of frozen unsweetened berries with a quarter cup fresh orange juice. it makes a thick delicious smoothie that's healthy you can even add a sweetener if you want it sweet or a spoonful of whipped cream

Adaptable Kay said...

You're doing great my CM! Really, I know I say it every Thursday, but I'm so proud of you for taking charge of your health :)

I definitely understand setbacks and it's just a matter of working through them.

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