Monday, July 23, 2012

PUR MY FIVE-CUP PITCHER & Simple Tips to stay Hydrated!

$18.99 or $11.00 which would you pay?

So how many of you had two or three kids and now they're all grown up and it's just you and the hubby at home?  Well, I had four children who use to bring home four more children and sometimes more.  I was snacking the neighborhood and cooking for an Army for many years, but now alas I only do that when ALL NINE GRANDBABIES, AND FOUR CHILDREN WITH THEIR SPOUSES COMES OVER!  Whew!

Meanwhile back at the house there's only Dave and I.  Now I know you all remember my coffee fiasco and how PUR came to my rescue.  Well, let me tell you what's been going on our city has gotten worse, but of course they give you a slew of things that they're doing for the water, but still I have this film on  my coffee cup and on top it looks like somebody dropped a few oil drops YUK CITY!  So, now if you've been around a while you know Mama loves her coffee!  Oh yes I do!  So I've been using my filter from my sink and my pitcher.  Well, I have to buy filters for them both oh about every two months when they should be lasting three.  Now what does that tell you about my water.  Yes, I fill up this pitcher from filtered water from the faucet and if I didn't I'd get this, but when I doooooo...........   mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
 While your there how's about ONE CLICK TO DONATE WATER!  I DID!  I'm always checking their website to see if they come up with anything new because as far as I'm concerned I want what they're putting out because I love my family!

Can't you just smell the aroma???


So, now let me tell you what happened the other day!  I went to Walmart to get my filters and guess what happened?  $18.99 (I think) for the filter for my pitcher.  Okay, that's what I've been paying and it's supposed to last three months.  Well, maybe with your water I'm sure, but not mine.  I do mine every two months either that or I use a lot of water.  Well, I was looking around and I found a 5 cup pitcher (I have a 10 cup pitcher), with a filter for $11.00.  Now, here's the question for you.  Did I buy the 5 cup pitcher for $11.00 or just the filter for $18.99 that I originally went there for?  

Girl, you know I bought the $11.00 one, and you know what I may keep buying that pitcher for the filter or just use the other pitcher for something else & save $9.00.   

Oh just one more thing if I may.  Personally I wouldn't care if the filter was $30.00 I would've bought it.  I would rather have clean water then be sick from bad water, and I never ever give my loved ones tap water without it be filtered!  PUR YOU GUYS ARE DUH BEST!!! 


Now just one more thing I'd like to leave y'all with!  Hey! People out there!  Listen up!  It's been dam hot this summer, and let's all do the right thing.  No. 1  Let's check on the elderly whether friends or relative or just neighbors you know are up there in years.  Bring them some bottled water, fruit, you know what they need.  Leave you phone number even in case they need something with the weather being the way it's been.  Come on we had how many days of three digit weather?  Let's watch our kids and make sure they're well hydrated out there while playing, and how can we forget our furry friends.  I have a black lab and when she comes home from her walk ohhhhhhhhhh lordy lordy she's panting up a storm.  I even bring a RED SOLO CUP and fill it up with water when we get to the fountain at the park for her, and here's some other tips from PUR that I happened to get a hold of which is so cool!  I mean even their water expert says we need to sip some clean water throughout the day to stay hydrated during this summer heat and exercise, but sometimes it's easier said then done.  Here's some tips from even their expert at PUR:

  • Pack a big water bottle: Starting at home, fill a 1 liter bottle with water to start the day. By using PUR products, like the PUR 7-cup pitcher which fits neatly in your fridge or installing a PUR one-click faucet mount, you will always cold, purified water on-hand!
  • Drink before you eat: Make it a point to drink a glass of water before each meal. Not only will this tactic help you stay hydrated, studies show that drinking water before meals can help you feel full quicker and eat less!
  • Set reminders: Whether you’re chained to your desk or enjoying a summer vacation, things can slip your mind-including hydrating yourself. If need be, set alarms as reminders to take a few sips of water. Before you know it, your midday glass of water will be second nature.
  • Expand your horizons: Ditch the thinking that you don’t have to drink 64oz. of water per day to stay hydrated! While water is the number one choice for our bodies, all beverages help to hydrate you (even coffee!). You can also meet up to 20% of your daily fluid needs through fluid-rich foods such as fruits and veggies.
Okay now, you got it?  Now let's not let this weather keep us down because don't blink my friends we'll be wearing overcoats and boots soon enough so let's get out there, and have fun, but be smart grab a bottle of water before going out that door just in case!  


Rebecca said...

love my water filter

Adaptable Kay said...

I've actually been wanting to get something like this for my boyfriend's household because, aside from one of the roommates buying bottled water, they all drink out of the tap and Rockford water is DISGUSTING!

I refuse to drink it. I'll dehydrate before I'll touch the stuff o.O

Great review Dolly!

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