Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review of Shoplet.com and Sanford Brands Office Products

These find products you can have to at shoplet.com

So, let me tell you what they are & then I'll show you.  First of all we have: 

Well, instead of writing about these products I decided to do a vlog so you can actually see for yourself what you would be buying.  As I said in the film number one, the Paper Mater InkJoy 700 RT Ballpoint Pen, first of all I had to wrestle with my husband for it because he tried it and all he could say was "smooooooooooth" if you catch my drift.  My granddaughter who is over helping me with some late Spring cleaning...  she loves the highlighters because of the iridescent glow, and "they don't smell".

These are the types of products are good for the home or office.  I personally take care of our household finances as far as balancing our books and paying the bills.  I usually use a  permanent marker when I know this item will be needed when tax time comes around, and I totally hated when I wrote something in pen and then I'd go to highlight it, and it would smudge, and I'd have to start all over again. grrrrrrrr  My husband is a truck driver, and delivers auto parts so he's always looking for reliable pens that writes smoothly and most of all dependable, and what better product to give those students in the family.  I believe the key would here is dependable/reliable.  We don't need pens that only write on certain material or pens that skip or even rip the paper.  These pens are smooth and very easy to write with.  When I would sign my name to an important document whether it be one of my transcriptions or a check or even my income tax papers that I signed not that long ago the Paper Mate Inkjoy 700 RT Ballpoint Pen is the one I want in my purse, and for the hubby the Sharpie Premium Pen for his work shirts so those Bills of Lading get wrote up without any skipping or smudged, and the highlighters he can take one of those and highlight that product that was missing from the load or the one they gave back.  Much more professional indeed.

What's not to like about these office supplies?
These office supplies are purely professional and not your dollar store toys or your average ballpoint pen!


Anonymous said...

Very cool post! I love writing supplies! I recently discovered the InkJoy pens, though I have always favoured Papremate.
Thanks for sharing! I'm looking for blogs that inspire & motivate my writing. I have two books coming out this year. I hope you will join me too:
McGuffy's Reader

Anonymous said...

Is there a Giveaway for the office products? It is listed under Giveaway, but I'm not sure how to enter! Thanks!!
McGuffy's Reader

Faythe said...

I like a smooth writing pen that fits your grip comfortably. I have some fun colored paint markers that could use replacing. thanks for the info!

Adaptable Kay said...

I absolutely LOVE office supplies. While other kids love the candy isle, I'm located in the paper isle, drooling over the beautiful notebooks and packaged pens ^.^

I must say you were born for the camera Dolly! Loved the review. Especially the part where the pen didn't smear-I hate that!!!

bikeohio said...

Great review! I'm also a part of the Shoplet Product Review Network! I hope I get to review these pens!

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