Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Plus Size Costume Review

So am I gonna make a great hippy or what! LOL
She was such a cutie!

So what do you think?  Do you recognize me?  Yes, it's the one, the only, "Xmas-Dolly" coming to you from the 70's or 80's or wherever!  A for real flower child.  Only thing   is I think I look like my mother!  LOL

 Well anyway, I'm here to tell you all about this fabulous costume place called "PLUS SIZE COSTUMES"!  So, where's all my gals that are busty like me etc., come on down and take a look see here or maybe you got a big daddy at home you wanna dress up for let's say a "Toga Party"!  T0GA T0GA T0GA!   Those seem to be in fashion lately.  Check these out!    

Adult Deluxe Hooded Dress Plus Size Costume
You can be whatever you want in the Adult Deluxe Hooded Robe Plus Size Costume. This Hooded Robe is so cool, it can be utilized for the woman who has multiple Halloween parties to go too!  From Mistress of  the Dark, a Bar wench, let your imagination run wild.  I sooooo want this one.  Too cool at a very cool price of only $31.99.

So, there was so many I'd like I could put the whole website here if I could for you to see, but why when you can go click on my link above and see for yourself.  Have fun and my good friends it's planned for us big girls in mind and our big fellas too!  No being depressed that it's not in our size anymore.  Ya got big ba-zoomers and my dad use to call them (he was so silly), no problem.  They got your size!

Wigs, masks, costumes, accessories and make-up!  They've got it and so reasonably priced. So as I said funny, characters, sexy size is no problem!  We can have at it ladies and be the belle of the ball!  
ALSO,  BIG NEWS!!!!   Costume Discounters Pinterest Contest!!  All this week, if you follow Costume Discounters on Pinterest - each time you do, you will be entered in their drawing for a $25 gift certificate!  WOO HOO!  You know I'm gonna be there with my nine... well eight the oldest one is much to.... well, maybe not... nine grandchildren I'm entering every day!   So, to enter, just log in to your Pinterest and follow Costume Discounters from..  Costume Discounter's Pinterest.

Now more news is that this week is ta ta ta dahhh....  Wholesale Halloween Costumes Retweet Contest - to enter simply tweet:

RT Toddler & Baby Costumes @WHCostumes by visiting

As soon as you do, you’ll be entered to win their contest!  

  • 1st prize winner will receive a $100 gift certificate
  • 2nd prize wins a $50 gift certificate; and 
  • 3rd prize winners will get a $25 gift certificate good for ANY item(s) on!!!
Isn't that fantastic!  Oh my let's see we have a Toga Party coming up in July, and then we have our FLOWER POWER party coming up soon too...  come on people let's get it together and enter this stuff and besides don't blink Halloween will be here soon enough.  Get those costumes ready for the kiddies, and for yourself and hubby too!  We go to a spook party every year.  I love em'!  Just too much fun!

Also, (SHHHHHHH this is the good part I'm getting goose bumps)  each time one of you retweets my tweet I'll be entered to win an additional time.  Sooooooo i.e. if 25 of you good people, my buds, RT my tweet, I'll be entered to win 26 times.  Isn't that wonderful!

So, let's get this show on the road and check it out and have some fun and don't forget if you see my tweet RT for me pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!  Woo Hoo!  We're on a roll here!

 *Disclaimer:  Product was provided by Costume Super or their participating PR in exchange for my opinion, which is 100% my own, and no monetary compensation was given.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Great giveaway

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

Followed on Pintrest, Tweeted and flapped some bird wings over there! ;)
~Naila Moon

Rebecca said...

love that hooded costune

won said...

You sure do look like your mother! I had to look twice.

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