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Have you ever fantasized about having a date with a Super Hero? Which one of The Avengers would be the perfect date for you? Take the 10-question quiz and find out! Here is a snippet:

1.     Is a guy’s physique important to you?
a.     Yes, I like guys ripped with six-pack abs. 
b.     Yes, but I prefer a lean, wiry look.   
c.  Yes, an athletic build goes a long way with me but please don’t look like a body builder. 
d.     I couldn’t care less.  
e.     Compact and efficient bodies turn me on. 

2.     How intelligent does your dream date need to be?
a.     I’m old fashioned. I like a guy to do the thinking.
b.     I date guys who are intellectually stimulating. Challenge me!
c.      The guy needs to be smart enough to keep up, but not smarter than me.
d.     I like a guy to lead in the brains department, but not be arrogant about it.  
e.     I like a guy with street smarts.  

Here's a few more questions I missed!

3.3.        What type of personality turns you on?
a.        The more charm the better.  Give me a smooth operator! 
b.        I’m comfortable with a levelheaded, down-to-earth guy. 
c.        I’m attracted to guys with an air of mystery. 
d.        I like a guy who can laugh at himself and have fun. 
e.        I’m really into the strong, silent type. 

1.      4.  What would be the perfect venue for your dream date?
a.      Go to the movies and then out for burgers and shakes. 
b.      A romantic rooftop dinner under the stars. 
c.       Attend a gallery opening and have wine and dinner at a small, intimate bistro.
d.      Dinner at his place. 

6      5.  If you could choose one topic of conversation, what would it be?
a.       Me…I only want to talk about me!
b.      I’m into personal details…tell me the story of your life.
c.       The menu.
d.      Aliens and what’s out there in the universe.
e.       Politics and the state of the world. I have opinions!

2.     6.   What kind of dresser is your dream date?
a.       He prefers T-shirts but looks awesome in a tux.
b.      He’s scruffy and slouchy.
c.       He looks great in vintage clothes.
d.      He loves black tight-fitting clothes…and so do I!
e.       He likes bright colors and a bit of glam.

3.      7.  What kind of entrance does your dream date make?
a.       He lets me lead; doesn’t like the limelight.
b.      When he enters a room, all heads turn. Gasps are audible.
c.       He is used to fame and being in the spotlight but not into the big entrance.
d.      He slips in unnoticed.
e.       He’s a regular Joe and blends in with the crowd.

4.       8.  Your Super Hero dream date picks you up in a…
a.       Limo
b.      American-made pickup truck  
c.       Red muscle car
d.      Japanese Hybrid
e.       Black SUV

5.       9.  What is the trait you would most want your Super Hero dream date to have?
a.       Honesty
b.      Empathy
c.       Faithfulness
d.      Loyalty
e.       Courage

6.      10.  How would you expect your Super Hero dream date to behave on a date?
a.       Polite and gentlemanly. A handshake at the end of night.
b.      Party hardy but be watching out for me all the time.
c.       Gentle and attentive; hold my hand, a kiss on the cheek goodnight.
d.      Pull out all the charm and put the moves on me; but knows when to back off.
            e.   Happy to be there in a quiet way; arm around me in crowds.


              S= Tony Stark/Iron Man
              C= Steve Rogers/Captain America
              B= Bruce Banner/The Hulk
              T= Thor
              H= Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Add up the letters corresponding to your answers below. The sum of the most letters matching the key above reveals your Super Hero Dream date!

1.      a. T, b.  S, c.  C, d.  B, e.  H
2.      a.  C, b. S, c. T, d. B, e. H
3.      a. S, b. C, c. B, d. T, e. H
4.      a. C, b. S, c. B, d., H, e. T
5.      a. B, b. C, c. H, d. T, e. S
6.      a. S, b. B, c. C, d. H, e. T
7.      a. B, b. T, c. S, d., H, e. C
8.      a. S, b. C, c. T, d. B, e. H
9.      a. H, b. B, c. T, d. C, e. S
10.   a. B, b. T, c. C, d. S, e. H

If you had mostly Ss, then billionaire playboy Tony Stark/Iron Man is your guy!

If you had mostly Cs, then you are going to love hometown hero Captain America!

If you had mostly Bs, then introverted, mysterious Bruce Banner/The Hulk is your dream date!

If you had mostly Ts, then get ready to party with mighty Thor!

If you had mostly Hs, then strong, quiet, elusive Hawkeye is perfect for you!

MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS hits theaters everywhere on May 4th!  Oh, my goodness!  THAT'S TODAY!     WOO HOO!  PIZZA & A MOVIE TONIGHT!


Simply Being Mommy said...

Mine came out to be Captain America!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Mine came out as a tie between Thor and Hawkeye... not a bad combo in my opinion. =)
Knowing Crystal like I do, Captain America is definitely her type and her husband, Ryan, fits the bill. =)

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