Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday Photo Flashback, Friday Follow and ALOHA Friday Everyone!

Alicia at More than Words started "Friday Photo Flashback". I'm having a blast & you can too! Dig out your photo album! Don't forget to sign up so we can all visit and comment on each others pics/blogs! IT'S GREAT FUN!
This is me in 1989 or it might be 1990.  I was 39 yrs. old single Mom, and this like guy is my very first grandson, Ryan.  You see I really was a grandmother at 39.  My niece is sitting next to me.  By the way, this is my Ryan now a graduate from ITT Tech.  

Are you a blogger over 40? Yeah, welcome to the club!
Please join in the fun over at Java's place, and get to know your fellow bloggers at Never Growing Old!!
GRAB JAVA'S BUTTON!  She's such a sweetie!  Thanks Java for hosting a fun meme! 

"In Hawaii, Aloha Friday a day of rest. So we're doin' the same. On Fridays we're taking it easy on posting. Therefore, our hostess is asking a simple question for you to answer; nothing that requires a lengthy response.If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link at the very friendly place of Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends and find new followers! 

My question is:   Do you have a favorite relative?  Who are they and why?

I have quite a few.  Luckily none of them are bloggers.  LOL  My favorite you all know.  The love of my life...
My "Aunt Mitzi" - I love you Aunt Mitz thank you for always being there for me & thank for helping me with the dishes!
Lil' bro Paulie - love you Paulie thank you for always being there for me & my kids!
I another I'm close to which is my...  

Wasn't that fun?  Have a Great Weekend Everyone, and THANKS for stopping by, and following me.   Oh!  Don't forget"MONDAY'S MUSIC MOVES ME".   This week's theme is a "FREEBIE", so put your thinking caps on.  We now have a button for our "SPOTLIGHT DANCERS"!  So don't forget to grab it if you've been chosen.   It's so cool!  yaaaa hoooey!  Hope you  ALL can make it. It's tons of fun & don't forget bring a friend!  Hell, bring all your friends.  HUGS TO ALL.  Have a great weekend!  ROCK ON!


Happy Birthday Jenessa!  5 years old and my grandbaby!
post signature P.S.  One more thing yesterday was my granddaughter's birthday and we had a little party and Saturday I'll  have pics for you to see.  Here's what to expect... (she's such a cutie)!


Unknown said...

I do have a couple favorite relatives. My uncle (my mom's brother)- he is just a lot of fun, very friendly and outgoing. And, my cousin (my mom's sister's daughter). She is about 4 years younger than me and we grew up together. She is such a kind, good person and means a lot to me.

Gigi Ann said...

I love my children and grandchildren.

CMash said...

My sons, Paul and Mark. My mom who turned 90 yesterday. And a lot more who are both with me and those that have passed on.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Love that picture of you as a young grandmother! :) And your birthday granddaughter is a cutie - looking forward to her birthday pictures! :)

I do have a favorite relative - my Aunt Susie is crazy, funny and has always been there for me. She's like a second mom to me, but crazier! ;)

Aloha: Back to School Shopping - Let the Foraging Begin!

Auntie E said...

Aloha friday.... I have a grandmother who is over 90 she has always been my favorite.
I have a great nephew, Critter, He is my favorite for sure.

I am Harriet said...

I forgot about the over 40 hop. oooops.I don't really have a lot of relatives so I'm not really sure I can pick a favorite.

Have a great Friday!

~ Noelle said...

My favorite relative?
wow... tough one...
i used to would have said one of my cousins... but time grew us apart...
of all time, i would say my Nana... She has passed, but is ALWAYS in my heart! :)

MMAR said...

My dad was my best friend but he passed away and I have become really close to my sister!!

Colette S said...

That's what you mean about your babies having babies :) You make for a gorgeous grandma.

I'm not sure I have a favorite relative. I really never thought of it. I'll have to say my mom, if the hubs and kids doesn't count.

Oooh Happy birthday to your beautiful grand daughter!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I love flashback photos! My favorite relative is my daddy and anyone who follows me at all can tell we're super close. He's all over my Facebook wall and comments on every blog post! YAY DADDY!!!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

You area young grandma :o) I can't wait til we have a little sweet grandbaby to hug and hold :o) Love looking at photos from the past!

Blessings & Aloha!
my favorite peeps, um, I mean hubster...our sis...and my momma, boy I sure do miss her so very much!

W.C.Camp said...

Wow grandkids 15 years apart - you are LUCKY aren't you! Very nice! W.C.C.

Becca said...

My favorite relative is my cousin Taryn. We are soooooo similar that we get along fantastically. :)

kailani said...

My favorite relative would have to be my cousin Dean. He's so great with my kids.

Aloha - Kailani
An Island Life

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Such a cutie pie grandson... can't believe how grown up he is now.
I have teenage grandchildren now and I'm only 45... yeah, I know, they aren't really mine, I married into them and they don't really even like me. HaHa!
I have two favorite relatives, my SIL and my DIL. Bill's sister is the sweetest and funniest person. She took me right in like a sister when she first met me and made me feel completely loved and like a real member of the family. We have so much fun when we are together.
As for my DIL (Bill's son's wife) she and I are the same age (she's actually 1 month older than me) and when we lived in CT at the same time we spent almost every weekend together: shopping, eating, playing games, and just hanging out. I really miss her. =(

More Than Words said...

Aww! What a sweet picture of you and him!!! I bet you still can't believe he's a grown man!!

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