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Now come on you so knew it was a matter of time that we were going to start hearing about edenfantasys and  awards, awards, awards!  My hats off to these people.  They work so hard at it too!  They do good for their customers, and just people in general.  Oh sure, I know they're most self pleasure gadgets and gizmos, whatchamacallits, but look at all the good they've done too!

So, let's see what this is all about.  EdenFantasys has been named Outstanding Online Retailer by AVN. Is that not just too cool?  One of the reasons is their contributors, and all the awesome programs they have helped them develop, like EdenGivesBack, and Eden Clubs.  The O-Award is awarded to online adult retailers who accomplish outstanding things in the adult industry, including having outstanding brands, products, as well as customer service!  Edenfantasys has done so much for it's clientele from wonderful products, great advertisements to share those products,  clubs, forums, book clubs, fabulous Posts from women like me and you to share their thoughts, and ideas to so much more.

Here are the winners:

There were many winners.  Congratulations to all them.  Check ‘em out!
Outstanding Boutique: Come As You Are (Toronto, Canada)
Outstanding Retail Chain: Romantix
Outstanding Online Retailer:!!!!
Outstanding Distributor East: Nalpac
Outstanding Distributor West: Entrenue
Lifetime Achievement: Larry Garland
Outstanding Marketing Campaign: RealTouch In-Store Promotions, AEBN
Outstanding Packaging: Shag Factory Line, Lovehoney LLC
Outstanding Supplement or Enhancer: Embrace Tightening Pleasure Gel, Intimate Organics
Outstanding Lube, Lotion, or Potion: Sliquid Sea, Sliquid
Outstanding Debut Product: Pjur Man Energy Glide, Pjur
Outstanding Apparel or Accessory Brand: Hustler Lingerie
Outstanding Innovation: Reversible Battery Pack, Papaya Toys
Outstanding Non-Powered Product: Ami, Je Joue
Outstanding Powered Product: Icicles Vibrating Mini Twister, Pipedream
Outstanding Product Design for Men: Aneros Vice-T, Aneros
Outstanding Product Design for Women: Form 3, Jimmyjane
So, needless to say this was a big gala affair!  Wish I could have been there.  I say they're standing in a whole lot of company too so out of all these companies they won the Outstanding Online Retailer!  I'd say congratulations is in order!   So, for now check this out people not only is there a semi-annual sale & save up to 60%  if you sign up to Eden Newsletter (Deals, Promos, News)  you get a "FREE GIFT".  WOO HOO!  Gotta go!  "FREE" is the right price for me!  Gotta go subscribe!  Have a great day everyone and CONGRATS TO EDENFANTASYS gotta love ya!  Just like the old song by the American Breed says, "Bend me, Shape me, anyway you want me (with gadgets from edenfantasys) long as you love me it's all right!  Bend me shape me any  way you want me you've got the power to turn on the light (and to turn me on with the help of edenfantasys)!" 
DISCLAIMER that the content of this post may offend some readers, so be careful what you read because if you're still reading will you still love me tomorrow?  ~hehe~  (I know you will)  Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.  Don't forget to look for the next edenfantasys review/give-away right here in a few weeks!  Remember you cannot love & make anyone happy until you love & make yourself happy first!

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Introducing Mr. Cool said...

Well, I guess they're a lot bigger company then I thought. Although I'm a bit uncomfortable leaving a comment I guess I do give credit where credit is due. lol Have a nice day, Dolly. You did a good job on this Post.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Congratulations to Eden Fantasies... they are a terrific company. They have great stuff and their customer service is wonderful.
You did a wonderful job writing this post.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Congrats to Eden Fantasies. They should ask me to punt their stuff on my blog.

Introducing Mr. Cool said...

Thanks everyone to your acknowledgement. You can post this on your blog too if you like.

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