Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little switches makes a difference!

Little Switches makes a Difference!  Switches huh?  I've been reading some of your blogs, and you people are depressing me!  So, I've decided to share with you a switch my husband and I put together that works, but first I need to ask a question.  Do you love your husband, and do you love you?   I know you're going to say, "Well, that's a silly question", but is it so silly?  Well, of course you love your husband, BUT do you like him?  You can love someone, but not like them very much.  So, that's today's first little switch.  No. 1 golden rule:  Get to know each other.  Quality Time for you, and your mate.  Very important stuff. 

Quality time.  Call up Mom or sis and ask them if they'll watch the kids OVERNIGHT! Go buy an apron (unless you have one), fix you hair up nice and sexy (a little droop of the eye is cool).  Some bedazzling make-up, long dangle earrings is a good touch, put your apron on (cobbler apron is appropriate, nothing else), and don't forget the high-heels!  Make a fabulous candle light dinner (SHUT OFF THE LIGHTS), start with shrimp cocktail and feed it too him while sitting on his lap.  eh eh eh Slap that hand!  Don't forget the soft music!   GIVE HIM NOTHING UNTIL AFTER DINNER (you little tease), and Wah Lah dinner is served, and you're dessert.  Talking about falling in love all over again & remind him why he said "I DO"!
Now, No. 2 you have to like you!  Do some similarities as above, BUT  draw a bath, some candles, bubbles maybe, soft music and 2 classes of wine (in case someone wants to join you).  Look at yourself in the mirror, and say, "This one's for me"!  This is intimacy between you, and your mate, but if you need to get to know one another first (I mean really know one another, start out slow.  Rekindle that romance you once had on that first date.  Go out to dinner, a couple of drinks, a show, dancing and for heavens sake TALK.  Keeping communication open is so important in a relationship, but Good Lord don't talk about the kids or financial matters!  Talk about you and him.  Tell him something about you he doesn't know then it'll be his turn.  Make sure it's nothing about your past.  Men don't like to hear about other men.  I guarantee they'll be an argument somewhere down the line about it even if it was before him.  Come on get with the program here.  Think about it before you do or say it.  So many peoples problems are because they didn't think! 

One more thing.  For those of  you who hate to argue my husband and I came up with this one little thing.  We all know that our mama's told us never go to bed angry.  If that were the case I'd still be awake since 1991 (I like the last word), BUT...  we have found a fool proof way to settle our differences.  Make a pack with each other that when arguing, discussing or whatever you want to call it you must hold hands.  One on One!  Not both just right to left.  Never let go!  I don't care how mad you are.  If you love one another as much as you say you do, remember why you took those vows in the first place, why you first said, "I love you", and don't let go!  I guarantee your arguments will be solved in minutes, and eventually you'll laugh it off or kiss away that boo boo!  Yes, someone has to initiate it, and whether it's you or him WHO THE HELL CARES!  GET ER' DONE, and commence with the smooching!  Let's make a better place for me and you!  Remember be friends first then lovers!  Hugs to all!  Oh, and a hug for no reason is always good!

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I really needed to read this! My husband and I often forget about each other with 5 kids running around! I can't remember the last time I fixed myself pretty for him! Its easy to lose yourself with a newborn too! So again...thank you!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

LOVE this post! You write so well... and have some great advice, it's just down to earth. Bill & I will just go up to each other for no reason during the day (every day) and say, "Hey, know what... I love you!" Then it is followed by a hug and a smooch.
You are right about a lot of other blogs being depressing, lots of complaining about life.
Let's be happy people!! =)

Adaptable Kay said...

Those are some great suggestions Dolly! It's so so SO important that you love yourself as I have found out the past couple of years-If you don't love you, who else will?

And of course it's always important keeping the romance alive in a relationship whether just dating, in a relationship, newlyweds, or celebrating your 50th anniversary :)

Adaptable Kay said...

You've been tagged in a little meme over on my site :)

Hope you're enjoying your Thursday!

~ Noelle said...

i love this post
i also love how marc and i are ...
true, we are still "newlyweds" but that does not matter..
if i am on the computer and he walks by, he always leans over and kisses me...
i do the same for him.
we kiss before we go to sleep and we kiss when we wake up
love is good
i love kisses, can you tell?

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