Monday, February 28, 2011


So, you say you have all these recipes that you don't know where they came from or what to do with them or they're your grandmother's secret recipe???

Well, if you take one you've got to give one.  What do you think?  All you have to do is sign our linky, grab our button, and show off your Recipe!  Below you will find your Chef-Hostess XmasDolly (me), and Lori from The Shewbridges of Central Florida (your other Chef- Hostess) recipe will be at her blog.

So yes, that means two for the price of one.  Couldn't ask for more?  We have them from our own family archives, recipes we've collected over the years, and maybe some we have swapped from friends, a magazine, cookbook, or wherever!

So, but remember if you take one, sign our linky, grab our button, and leave a recipe in a comment in return!  I can hardly wait to see your family's old recipes!  That's it!  Short & Sweet!  Let's start cookin'!  Well, that is on Thursday!  Looking forward to seeing you then.  So mark your calenders!  Our button is in my right side bar if you would like to grab it now, so you can get back here first thing on Thursday!  BEAM ME OVER SCOTTIE!  nummmmmers!



Sofa King said...

Now you're talking. Best idea you've had. You go girl. I always said you should open a restaurant. Good luck.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Can't wait to get started with you my friend!
Love the post and love the fact that you have your #1 supporter behind us!!
Here we go... on to bigger and better things - we are going to be FAMOUS!!

~ Noelle said...

i dont cook....
so none to link up with..
but i will be taking yours!
maybe i will learn eventually!

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