Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Knit one, Pearl two... this is what I'd like to do!

I am retired, and on disability. I work out of my home as a transcriptionist. During my off time I blog.  In 2005, I was laid off (legal secretary) because the firm went under.  Taking some time off due to a very painful back & other symptoms I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis.  Due eminent surgery I retired, and I started working out of my home typing for lawyers at first then I started working for a company.  I've been taking a lot of medication for things, and that's when it happened.  I started losing my hair.
 Now, I've always had long hair, so I would like to try the Pantene Medium-Thick: “Smooth into the 2nd” Day” from the Medium-Thick frizzy to smooth collection.  The Head & Shoulders Hair Endurance for Men: Thicker looking hair in one week – guaranteed.   For my husband because he's been getting that widow's peak, and quite thin on the top, and he's a musician, so his hair needs some help too!  Then there's CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion: Fiberstretch formula + oversized brush for a dramatic blast of volume + length.  My hair is really long as you can see.   I think that brush may help some.

Now,Stacie at The Divine Miss Mommy wanted us to write a blog post about something in your life that you haven’t tried yet.   Now, I can crochet, but I cannot knit and I would really love to learn.  I've made potholders when I was a little girl, and my mother taught me how to crochet a rug, which I graduated from rugs to blankets, and scarves, but that's my limit.  It's very soothing, and gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I don't even know how to read a pattern for crocheting or knitting, so I would like to learn that too.  I have nine grandchildren, so I'd like to knit them gloves, hats, sweaters all kinds of things.

My Post is being published because I wanted to enter the contest being held by Stacie of The Divine Miss Mommy for one winner win a free trip to Miami to attend the VIP media event on February 17 to experience the Pop-up/brand demonstrations before it opens to the public.  Doesn't that sound so exciting.

It's being held by Proctor & Gamble, and not ever being to one of these media events I would really like to experience the event.  Besides it sounds like mega fun, and of course highly informative about P&G products.  I was one of the first to announce the opening of P&G on line (eStore), and it sure has come a long way fast.  Now I have never been to Miami, and I would love to come with my daughter & spend some quality time together.  She's has four children, and we both need to get away (and not by Calgon - lol).  Thanks to Stacie and P & G for this fabulous opportunity!

*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given. 


Maude Lynn said...

Good luck!

Jane said...

i hope you get to go on the trip,sounds like fun. I have read that if you cut your hair by the waxing of the moon ,your hair will thicken up,haven't tried it myself but need too. Blessings jane

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