Monday, December 3, 2012

Grow-Your-Own-Mushroom Garden Kits Review/Give-Away

So here's the scoop. An urban mushroom farmer with Back to the Roots, an urban mushroom farm in Oakland, CA where they make Grow-Your-Own Mushroom Garden kits! There mission is to inspire people to grow their own food by making it as easy possible to do so, and they invited me to try it out for myself. Well, I wasn't alone. My granddaughter and I did it together. Then she kept calling me are they there yet? Are they there yet? Are they there yet. Well I was just about to call my contact when... POOF! A bud! Here's how it all started:
We followed the very simple directions
We soaked it for 12 hrs.
Now we were ready to watch it grow
and so we watched, watched & watched and just as I was getting ready to write to the company the next morning what did my sleepy eyes see....
Little tiny mushrooms - too cool!
I called my granddaughter & naturally she had to come over to see. Also, I sprayed the box (mushrooms) twice a day with the little squirt-er bottle they give you.

They grew...
and grew until they were ready for harvesting & you can turn the box over when your done & start all over again and yummy oh my goodness I even put some in our Thanksgiving stuffing (shhhh don't tell the kids), but it gave it such wonderful flavor.  My husband had some in his eggs too!
Photobucket  The mushroom garden was super simple for us & it can be for you too! What a wonderful thing to do to spend some quality time with your children or grandchildren, but to show them how to grow fresh food right on the kitchen counter. Would you be interested in growing some? These kits are awesome because the soil inside the box is made entirely of recycled coffee grounds, and each of 2-3 harvests grows in about ten days after misting just twice a day. It's a great activity for kids to learn about plant cycles and the importance of sustainability.

Okay, I'm not perfect with the vlogging, but I'm going to keep trying. Anyway, this would be the perfect gift for your little gardeners in the family & the perfect project for that quality time you're looking for. Also, check this out:


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