Thursday, December 27, 2012

Flashback Friendship Uncorked Aloha Friday

Once again my Tony (Cuddles) & that's me 1975.  Dam, I was hot with my rabbit fur coat.
Here's my 40 yr. old little boy.  Isn't he cute?
Here he is again 1982 (he was in military school then). To the left is Marines & that's me 1990.  His choice.

My boy, Husband, and Father, Business Owner.  I'm so Proud! 2011
Question Of The Week: 
This Week’s Theme
What is the biggest change you’d like to make in the New Year?
What challenges do you anticipate when you think of making this change?
What can you do to ensure that you are successful with this resolution?
Please share your New Year’s Resolutions with us this Friendship Friday!

My answer:  To lose my next 75 lbs. I have lost 51 lbs since last February I think is when I started.  I was going to go for the sleeve, but decided to postpone it in case I don't lose it by myself, but I'm going to give it a try.  Next question:  WILLPOWER!!!  Lord, please grant me this one thing to help.  Give me WILLPOWER!  grrrrrrr  Next question:  Go to bed earlier for one & get to the health club.  Next question:  My New Years resolution is to find a doctor instead of practicing physicians.  I'm tired of everyone practicing on me, and I've lost two sizes down I want to lose two more sizes within six months this year.


"In Hawaii, Aloha Friday a day of rest. So on Fridays we're taking it easy! Our hostess is asking a simple question & we answer; nothing requires a lengthy response. If you’d  like to participate, just post your own question on your blog & leave your link at the very friendly place of Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends & new followers!

Question this week:  So, what's your plans for New Years Eve?

Well, unless the hubby tells me different so far we're bringing it in again with Ryan SeaCrest and Dick Clark!  ~hehehe~  Mr. Clark don't ever leave me! Who would I bring the New Year in with!!!!  ~sniff-sniffer~  ~snicker~ 
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Debby said...

Nice photos!

Happy New Year!!

Stef H said...

52 lbs??? holy moly girl. you'll be the next runway model! WOOO HOO. i'm so proud of you.

glad christmas was good. it was really good here and now all is quieted down... yay. time to take down the decorations (ugh). good thing i don't have much - yay.

wishing you all a truly blessed new year. be well and stay happy.

hugs :)

Laurie Collett said...

Thanks so much for following Saved by Grace! I'm following you back!
God bless,

Colette S said...

Love the photos of your little big sweeties.

I don't have any plans for the New eve :) I just go with the flow.

Aloha. Happy weekend to you Doll.

Unknown said...

Good luck on your weight loss journey, it sounds like you're off to a great start since you've already lost 50 pounds!! I'm hoping to lose about 75 pounds or so this year too. I just hope I have as much willpower as you.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Two great minds! That was my question, too! :) We're hanging here on the down low, toasting in the New Year as a family - well, Little Dude will (hopefully) be sound asleep, and I'm hoping that the hubby and Princess Nagger don't fall asleep on the couch (again) this year. ;)

Have a Safe and Happy New Year, Marie! :)

Ringing In the New Year

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