Saturday, December 15, 2012

May we bow our heads together!

Jesus, accept these innocent children into your heart and heaven where they may once again become Angels of the Lord.  May the souls and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.  Amen!  

Even Santa knows when he must step aside.  Let us pray...

Oh Lord, I know you must have had a good reason to take your children back to  heaven with you.  I know they are in good hands, but Lord you still have children down here that weep for those you took.  Please try to ease their pain.  Please give them some sort of comfort knowing that their children are with you... are in God's hands.  All these innocent people that have to die under the hands of men with no souls, men with no hearts.  Possessed by Lucifer himself.  I don't understand Lord.  I pray for your guidance, and help.  Please give all these grieving people some peace.  Amen

Today there will be a day of silence on my blog.  Thank you!  Please just offer a prayer for those in pain for their loss instead of a comment.  May the Lord bless and keep you safe from harm!

  Thank you.

Marie Moody aka XmasDolly


RoryBore said...

a beautiful prayer that I will be adding my own voice too today.

God grant us peace in the midst of troubles and joys for our tomorrows.

becca said...


CMash said...

I have not been able to accomplish anything since this has happened. I have such a heavy heart and have shed many tears. My oldest son, who lives in CT, called me Friday when he got home from work and was devastated asking me questions that I could not answer. God Bless these innocents, their families and residents of CT.

Naila Moon said...

This tragic event has stopped the hearts and minds of so many of us across the country and the world.

All I could do was cry for the innocence lost here and in China and for those children who we did not hear on the news or in social media.

Cathy Kennedy said...

This was such a huge tragedy. I did not even know about it until Friday afternoon when were we on our way to my Grandma's wake.

It's hard for those with a conscience and good heart to make sense of Friday's act of violence against of all people, little children.

Death for the gunman was too simple and easy, if you ask me. It would have been nice, if he had lived for just awhile on death roll suffering mentally with anguish the crime he committed. I know that could be a long shot for him to feel remorse, but it's entirely possible. Of course, this evil, evil person split hell wide open while those little precious souls were escorted in the arms of angels to Jesus' feet.

This is a beautiful and touching post. Thanks for lovely prayers offered up for these families!

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