Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BRAVE arrives in theaters everywhere !

Brave Potion making!

Description: 1 NEW Official Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Logo

 BRAVE (In Disney Digital 3D™)

 Website & Mobile site: Disney.com/Brave
Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/PixarBrave
Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/disneypixar

 Marvel’s The Avengers is expected to cross the $600 million domestic box office threshold today, becoming one of only three films in history ever to reach this milestone. The Super Hero film’s global total is now an estimated $1,438.3 million, and it stands as the #3 film of all time globally and domestically.

And so which one are you taking me to see???? HMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! 


Liz Mays said...

I saw The Avengers and loved it. It was so funny!

Adaptable Kay said...

My boyfriend has been bugging me NONSTOP about going to see the Avengers. LOL

I finally gave in so we're going to see that when I feel better.

I LOVED Brave! If you have a chance to see it, definitely take it :)

Rebecca said...

i totally want to see The Brave looks so cute

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