Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednessday & Black & White

Happy Wordless Wednesday is a great day to post a picture that “speaks” for itself, no words needed!  I've found a new home for Wednesday, and I blog-hop all day long looking at great pics & blogs, finding new friends! How about you?
I know Christmas is over, but I love this pic with Santa, Me and my baby girl (NightOwlMama). She'll always be No. 1. Love you baby!
This was one day last week hubby called & said check out the sky it was around 5:00 p.m. it was beautiful.

Mom Spotted with linky

My Mom loved her polka dots.  1960

My friend Mrs. Claus over at "Like Christmas Every Day" is sporting a new meme (well, new to me), and it's called Black & White Wednesday & I'm going to try it!  Here's mine: 

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Aleksandra Nearing said...

Beautiful, beautiful sunset!

Unknown said...

I gotta say, I am loving your mom's style! Polka dot dress and those shoes! Gorgeous!

Thanks for linking up each week, and for the great promo on your site!!

Colette S said...

Such a beautiful photo of you and your daughter and definitely awesome capture of the sky like that.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

What an adorable photo of you, Tricia and Santa... just too cute!
Dave was so right, that sky is just beautiful!
And you know I love all the photos of your family, your beautiful mom looks great in polka dots, I can see why she liked them. =)

Heidi said...

What a great photo of your mom! Thank you for linking up this week!

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