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Monday's Music Moves Me!


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Today's theme "Songs played at your wedding (that you & new hubby danced too or the year of your wedding). If not married your favorite song when you were 21 or thereof. "! 

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A blast from the past.  We eloped in Dec. of 99', but our true wedding renewing our vows for my MIL to see her baby boy get married wasn't until June 2000.  Now we met in July 1991 and our first date we danced to a tune by the Righteous Brothers and has been our song ever since.


After the kiss, Congrats, a few pics, the Groom ran off to play in the band we had set up in the garage.  Tables were set up under a Canopy. One of Dave's songs that he does lead in and the first one he played at our wedding was (I also have his - but it wasn't at our wedding sorry):
JUST TWO OTHER SONGS Dave does lead in:
Jesus just left Chicago & Cheap Sunglasses

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Hope you had fun, and here's hopes to see you next time, and bring a friend!
It rained all day.  A toast was being made by my brother I believe
Announcement of Mr & Mrs Moody

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Introducing Mr. Cool said...

Thank you for choosing me once again for the Spotlight and I hope you like my Post. Love yours & I love how you have Dave's version after the original version. Thanks for sharing your wedding pictures. You two make for a very handsome couple.

Blogger Broadcast said...

I have only been to three weddings at the most my whole life. Their songs I can't even remember... so I posted one of my favorites today.
Oh wow, those songs were played at the weddings you attended? How fun.

Danielle S said...

I love this theme for today.

Hazel said...

I look forward to the day Jesus would come back to Chicago. Those long bushy beard they've got remind me of Professor Dumbledore. "We eloped in 99," that sounds exciting. You and your hubby are a good-looking couple.

Run DMT said...

Love your wedding photos! How lovely! Love that your hubby rocked out at the wedding.

Sorry but I didn't share my wedding songs. I did an MLK tribute instead. ;-)

Have a great week, mama and thanks for the MM plug. :-)

Cathy Kennedy said...

ZZ Top is so awesome! I love their music, but those beards? Who would ever figure these two cats are rock n' rollers by their appearance? I think they are crazy looking, but they sure do know how to jam, right? Thanks for letting us dance with you on your wedding day past with such groovy music! =D

Anonymous said...

Those are some awesome songs! I love Chicago.

If I Could Escape said...

Lovely photos and some great tunes. Happy Musical Monday to ya!

Rachel said...

Sounds like an awesome party!

dollycas aka Lori said...

Cool post!!!! Thank you for sharing!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I love it! We have similar stories, don't we? Hubby and I met online 1996, in person in 1997 and did the JP thing in 2003 followed by the surprise wedding with all the trimmings a few months later. :) And the whole band thing, too! :)

LOVE all your choices, of course! And the pictures are awesome! :)

Wedding Memories: You’re Still The One Brown Eyed Girl – enjoy these Little Moments because It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

Lucy said...

Love your wedding photos and the fact that your hubby rocked out at the wedding, you had some great songs at your wedding, mine was a bust!

Colette S said...

You make such a beautiful bride and I do believe we are doing the GMTA today :)

Love your choices.

Liz Mays said...

A couple of cuties you were!

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

Hello Dolly,
Tamirisc and I both had our links up on Monday but did not get our links in here until today. Gah...what were we thinking?!
ANyway, hope you are well and have a good week.
~Naila Moon

Classic NYer said...

This is a pretty funny theme for me as I just got married less than a month ago, haha... there was no music though. We got married in the courthouse... kind of like you, but we didn't really elope as we had a low-key reception some hours afterward... still no music though. Just the radio and nobody was listening to it, haha!

Unknown said...

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