Monday, January 2, 2012

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Review

The company sent me this one tile.  

Beautiful isn't it?  I walked to the left. Hmmmm I walked to the right.  Hmmmmm Oh by jove I think she's got it.  Guess what I came up with, and it's  perfect.  This is my fairly new unfinished attic door.  At the end of it there's a rope for now to grab on to & just pull it down, and these ladder stairs come down, unfold, and you walk up easy as you please.  This wood door stuck out like a sore thumb waiting for us to figure what we wanted to do with it, “faux tin ceiling tiles” turned out to be our answer .  I only need one more piece to finish it, and it's going to be perfect.  I can hardly wait.  My son put it up for me in a matter of minutes & we could've used glue as they said, but we used staples into the wood.  Worked great.
See how I left some wood so you can see.

Not sure what to change the rope with though..
My SIL kitchen & they've had them for years
This is a drop ceiling
I found out the other day my Sister-in-law has the same thing, but in white in her whole kitchen.  Boy, did she start something.  I've been wanting to do  my basement ceiling because it's hideous, and I told my husband who is 6'1", and is always down there practicing (his band) with the guys.  Check this out. Hubby says no drop ceiling because there's not enough room, but at Decorative Ceiling Tiles they have beautiful tiles you can glue and/or nail up.  This would hide my hideous wires everywhere throughout the basement.(I'll worry about the walls & floor another time when he's in a good mood).  Their website that you've got to see has so much more that I could put in this one Post.  You've got to check it out for yourself.  Why I've thought of so many things I can do with this stuff from the basement ceiling, and maybe just half the wall & paint the top half white & then there's a room down there that does have a drop ceiling those will be changed immediately, and why stop there.  My kitchen isn't all that big so the ceiling for you & then... well maybe either the kitchen or the front-room definitely not both that might be too much, but who knows.  There's endless possibilities!  As I said check out their fabulous website & see for yourself.  There's so much to see & so many possibilities, and the best thing it's "EASY"!  Hmmmm Maybe the Garage!!!!!!!!!

*Let me add one thing here then I want you to take a gander at this really informative video of “faux tin ceiling tiles” .  I wrote the company back stating I had posted, and said I could really use one more of the tiles they sent me & it's on its way!  That is one friendly company, and I know is going to be easy to work with.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles, Inc
" From Plain to Beautiful in Hours"
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W.C.Camp said...

Wow those look really nice. Forget the house, I am thinking I should glue those all over my car!!! Great find! W.C.C.

Introducing Mr. Cool said...

This might be what I'm looking for. Quick & easy because I never have too much time for anything & I want to spruce up the place before Rosie moves in. Fabulous Marie and very informative Post. I've got to go check this out. To bad there isn't a give-away with this. I'm sure it would draw much more of a crowd & people would want to get started on more new projects when there's some sort of a sale or give-away or something. Oh well, I'm off to browse at least. Thanks.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Beautiful tiles and they look fairly easy to use. I think even Bill could do them.

Lothiriel said...

OMG! I love these! I didn't even know you could do this!!!!

Ceiling Tiles said...

These tiles so nice. I like these tiles.

karenmed409 said...

love them... they look like a professional did it.

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