Friday, January 20, 2012


SOOC Saturday
I'm linking up with Amy @ Marvelous Mommy for SOOC Saturday. (straight out of editing) I don't remember if I ever tried this, but I had the button in my side-bar, so I'm sure it's there to remind me! Anyway, whether you are a professional photographer, an amateur photographer, or just someone who likes taking pictures (that part is me), our host encourages us to link up!  So here I am trying it out another time. This is a super simple weekend meme that doesn’t take up much time!  Sooooooo, going to give it a whirl, and see what happens. 
While all this is going on on the inside (getting a new ceiling due to a leak)
All this is going on...

on the outside!

Holy Cow so far how many inches you think?  4? 6? Weather man says four! Hmmmm

Baby says we'll play indoors today!

Have a great weekend!

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Karen Mortensen said...

I love the snow pictures. I think it is cool how snow piles up on things. I am also glad that I just get to see pictures of it.

Introducing Mr. Cool said...

Oh wow, that sure looks like some major fixing up there, and some major snow coming down. My Rosie never saw snow, she can hardly wait to see some she says. What a beautiful dog you have! Thanks for sharing.

Adaptable Kay said...

What a time to get a new ceiling!! We've been hit here with all that cold, white stuff too >.<

Let's just say me and that stuff are NOT friends-My body is boycotting!

Hope you are doing better my CM :)

Liz Mays said...

At least you don't feel like you're missing out on going anywhere since you're kinda snowed in. Good luck with that project!

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