Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well, I have found a Savings on different laptops all in one spot, and maybe just maybe I can introduce my husband to this site so he can see for himself all the money we can save, and still get the product I (we) want.  This Savings.com is amazing.  They have every product that came to my head.  For example, at their HP coupons, there are so many different savings from $10 off/free shipping, to the more money you spend the more money you save.  There's savings for every product if you look for it, give it some time.  Don't get frustrated, and keep trying.  The site is huge.  I could look around here all day long, and it's not that complicated at all.  
I've been checking the different sites all day for deals on savings such as Dell Coupons or HP coupons etc., and once I print out ads or actually look for them in the paper I can lay them around.   

So, how am I doin'?  Anybody have any other ideas for me?   Okay, now our TV broke down & had to call a TV repair man.  This so does not look good.  I sure hope I find some good coupons/sales.  I sure could use some help on this, but they definitely have to be "MONEY SAVINGS CLUES"!


Lothiriel said...

I don't know about money saving tips, but I do know that the best computers are made by HP, IBM, and Sony...oh, and Apple, but they're ridiculously expensive.

Liz Mays said...

I've never tried that site, but I have done price comparison sites before and I read cnet to compare and get ratings on them.

CMash said...

Does hubby feel bad when you are in pain or uncomfortable? If he does...I suggest you play it up and cry a lot lol.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I completely agree with everything that *LLUVIA* said. If I had my choice, I would go with a MacBook, but I couldn't afford one, so I got an HP, it works terrific - until it doesn't. I would stay away from Dell, but that is just my opinion from experience. Whatever you get, MAKE SURE YOU BACK-UP EVERYTHING YOU DO!!! :-)
Good luck with the search! Hugs, Lorie

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