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Hi Everybody! I'm a Transcriptionist, and I work out of my home when I'm not blog hopping or typing up a post. I type up interviews, close captions etc. I use to get tapes or cassettes, but we're pass that now, and more into technology.  No more Dictaphones. I have a website I go to, and download jobs that I'm assigned. It's actually at times.  Once I transcribed an interview of Hugh Heffner.  lol

In order to do my work I have a right-arm man called Gearplayer.  Gearplayer lives at  This is a great place to get all the equipment, and supplies that I need.  Headphones, foot pedals, and equipment that I can use. So, in order to hear my work you must have a program that is Transcription friendly, and compatible with any number of audio files/formats. I use GEARPLAYER.  Gear Player, what a totally awesome program. It's like a Secretary to a Secretary. No kidding! I go on-line to my company's website, and download whatever job they've assigned to me. Ah... Technology! Isn't it wonderful?

I don't go into an office or punch a time clock. I work for myself, and it's tax deductible. GearPlayer is found at the dictation superstore (I just love that phrase - Superstore, my hero). This website has everything for any type of office (including medical) and keeps the Transcriber/Medical Transcribers (MT's) in mind also.  My cousin is a MT, and I referred her there, and now she refers her friends there, and everyone is one big happy family.  So whether it's medical, legal, or business is definitely the place to go to fulfill that supply list.

So, now my dear friends I'd like to tell you how to make things easier too.  Just click on the icons below for  - ask for my buddy Matt LaMond if need be, and he'll be more than glad to lead you in the right direction.   

GearPlayer Transcription Software is one of the universal and powerful products in the industry.  GearPlayer will automatically load the next audio file. GearPlayer plays one of the widest selections of audio and video formats of any PC based transcriber, and definitely user friendly. GearPlayer is a PC based audio transcription player that installs easily. When using a foot pedal, you position yourself to hands-free function. It offers the latest in Mobile Licensing Technology, the USB HASP Key ensures that only authorized users can access the software, and allows freedom of moving the software to multiple PC's if so desired. also has GearDictate, which is a dictation application that records your dictation on a PC. GearXport is an automatic file moving/encryption utility that is designed to securely move audio files and transcription documents from on location to another via directories, Networks, Email, FTP or GearXport secure transport. Those are just to mention a few of the programs TranscriptionGear.Com has to offer.

That's just one of the great things has to offer.  Products, Solutions, Services, Support, and they even have a Clearance tab to get that special bargain.  PC items, Digital Dictation equipment/transcribing equipment, Check them out. You won't be sorry. I know I'm not. If you don't work at home tell your boss about the website. It's . I guess you could even say it's the Boss and Secretary's Mediator. lol   It'll get the job done.

GEARPLAYER - The Secretary's Assistant.


Liz Mays said...

That sounds like a great work at home job!!!!

Sofa King said...

Thanks, that's a lot of info. I didn't know about that. Think I'll go take a look around, and see what I can find. Maybe some headphones for the puter!

Night Owl Mama said...

That must be great to work at home. With 4 kids and being a stay at home mom I'll have to look into this

Thank you

CMash said...

Its been quite a few years that I used transcription equipment and am quite impressed how far the technology has come. Learned a lot by visiting

Unknown said...

Wow, what a helpful post on transcription! I have a friend who's a transcriptionist and she loves it! Thanks for the awesome award by the way and for stopping by Hip Mama's Place all the time. :)

Colette S said...

I have on idea what a dictaphone is! lol but this site sure sounds great!

I especially love that it is helping a work at home mom.

Technology has sure come a long way.

Claremont First Ward said...

Sounds like the perfect tool for yoU!

Adaptable Kay said...

Oh, how cool! I was actually introduced to this type of job when I was bedbound and had pretty much all the time in the world, but unfortunately I really wasn't able to try it out because my mum thought it would stress me out too much.

I'm glad to hear that you have this to keep busy :)

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