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Monday's Music Moves Me


HELLO EVERYONE!   XmasDolly  Head Conductor here!   Lorie of  The Shewbridges of Central, Florida,  LARRY from Cakeblast, and CALLIE from JAmericanSpice, last, but not least Stacy from Stacy Uncorked ! (APPLAUSE).   HOW'S EVERYONE TODAY?  

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RaveRave Girl
Drum Roll
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    2.  #35 The Eclectic Element

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Okay let's ROCK!
But first I would like us all to bow our heads in silence, and maybe even say a prayer for a fellow blogger's husband.  Some of us may know her as "Glitterbabe".  My good friend Steph in memory of her husband who past away on Friday eve.  May he rest in peace, and if we could all bow our heads as he is accepted by our Father.  Amen!

Thank you every one.  Sorry I just don't feel like any Rock & Roll today!  Maybe another song to lift the spirits!  I heard this song on the radio a very long time ago when I lived in Chicago.  It's cute & kind of funny! Hope you like it.

Lincoln Park Pirates -- Steve Goodman

Steve Goodman: A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request

Okay, feeling a bit better.  The next couple of songs is with none other, but Sha Na Na & just wanted to tell you I actually danced with Bowser in 1991.  He was at my cousin's bar the day before I met my husband.  He's as funny in person as he is on stage, but a really nice guy!  Hope you like it!

Sha Na Na Book Of Love

Sha Na Na ~In the still of the night

May God Bless each & every one of you!

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Olivia said...

Wow... That little girl singing "Amazing Grace...." Praise God!!! That's amazing.... Hope you have a great week, my friend! :) - Olivia -

Blogger Broadcast said...

Getting the kids ready for school tomorrow. Oh how I wish the summers were longer, with them being in school of course. :-)

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's husband but what a beautiful tribute.

Lucy said...

Oh, how sad and such a beautiful tribute, love Amazing Grace.

I saw ShaNaNa years ago at The Ohio State Fair, I went with my cousins and our moms we had a lot of fun!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I saw Sha Na Na in concert at Sun City when I was about 10. I shit you not! Bowzer was brilliant.

Dominique @Dominique's Desk said...

Love your selection this week.. esp the 1st one..that's one really amazing kid and great vocals.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Amazing Grace is my favorite gospel hymn. How beautiful this is! Thanks for hosting...

Blog hopping this Monday. I hope you’ll decide to dance over to It’s Back To School {4Ms} Have a lovely week!

Your friend,
Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

Hazel said...

A dying cub fan's last request sounds sad but I enjoyed listening to it. My that little girl's got strong pipes. Happy Monday.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Beautiful tribute for Stef and her husband. So sad for her.
I LOVED the two songs by Steve Goodman, especially the Dying Cub's Fan Last Request.
And who doesn't love Bowzer and Sha Na Na... I saw them once in concert, too. Bowzer's voice gives me chills.
Hope you have a terrific week my friend. Love you.

Gigi Ann said...

Haven't heard Sha Na Na in ages. But those gold outfits... Oh La La...

dollycas aka Lori said...

BOWSER was here in Wisconsin last week knocking on doors to get out the vote for the Democratic Senators.

Great choices today!!

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

I saw Sha Na Na in person! Great choices for sure!
By the I am from St. Louis area, I am a Cardinal Fan! *grins*

~Naila Moon

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

forgot to leave my link:

Colette S said...

Wow the little girl's voice is awesome!

I had to use your linky to visit other bloggers today. I have no idea why the linky wouldn't work on my blog.

I think I've got everyone so far now though.

Hope you are doing alright! I"m back!

Stacy Uncorked said...

That little girl is AMAZING! (no pun intended). :)

Great choices all around, my friend! And I still owe you an email... ;)

Smile, I Love This Road so Just Breathe - MMMM

Adaptable Kay said...

It's incredible how that little girl has such a voice like THAT! Definitely a gift, I do know that :)

I must say Dolly, these are quite...interesting. HEHE ^.^

Those gold jump suits are just too much! LOL

Thank you for picking me as one of the spotlight dancers-I'm still so excited about it :)

Have a musical week!

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