Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday! WW


Mr. Trump says, "Washington D.C. YOU'RE FIRED!" LOL

My two oldest children & grandson Shawn & Santa oops! I mean the Hubby!  ~snicker~

NaNee & her granddaughters!

A handful of grandchildren starting from the top left, Bree, Tatyanna, Cody (on couch), his sister Nicole in front of him, Tatiana (not mine-Angelo's half-sister), Angelo down in front, Nessa holding him & Shawn & myself in the middle!  Whew!!!

Shawn loves his NaNee!

NaNee got her first Christmas present from her granddaughter Tatyanna (she works now). a Purple (favorite color) bling bling sweater!  LOVE IT!

Nessa plays a game with Angelo my cutie pie!

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Curious as a Cathybaby kiss

Stacy Uncorkedb2d Wordless Wednesday

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Terra Heck said...

Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas! It's always great to get together with family.

Danielle S said...

I heard today that the North Pole is warmer than you! Ha! It's good to see that you got to see a lot of your grandkids.

Will we be seeing that lovely purple shirt in one of your video reviews? I did get mine done finally with the help of one of my daughters.

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