Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The things women should know before they get behind a wheel!

This beautiful little lady should have stuck to taking care of her grandbabies and cooking instead of driving.

Short story!  That beautiful little 4'10" lady is my Mama!  Gone now since 2006 and I miss her so very much the stories about her make me miss her a tiny bit less when I tell people about her because she seems like she's still here some how!  hehehe  My Mama!  God I love that woman and you will too.  

Anyway, it was like having another child she was so naive, but she was mine and too cute.  After my Dad passed away in 1980 she fell to pieces so we all picked up her pieces and took care of her.  After I took care of the paperwork and fixed her means of support and explained to her what she had to do next it got a tiny bit better because she felt okay my baby is taking care of me so to speak.  WRONG!  I tried to teach her how to take care of herself.  Well, that only worked out to about 50% , but it was okay because she was my Mama.  Well, I told her the one thing she had to learn how to do was to drive that car that was in the drive-way!  So I took her to the cemetery one day and she was gun ho on it so I got her behind the wheel.

  BIG MISTAKE!  HUGE!  So, I said Mama get behind the wheel.  As she put her telephone books (2 of them) and a pillow and then sat on them she was behind the wheel.  Then she adjusted all three mirrors, and I told her are you quite comfortable now?  She was.  I gave her the key and I told her to start the engine.  She turned the key and I had to tell her to LET GO OF IT... I told her to put it into gear, but do not put her foot on the gas.  I just wanted her to get the feel of the car and just kind of coax it down the street.  

So, I told her to put her foot on the break, but just ease it on the pedal... she says to me... "Where's the break?"  STOP THE CAR!  GET OUT FROM BEHIND THE WHEEL, and DON'T come back and ask me to teach you to drive the car until you learn where everything is at!!!  Then the kids started to laugh and so did she!!!   I can laugh about it now, but not that day!  WHEW!

My Mama was just too too precious!

So ladies here's a few tips as far as what to know before you start driving a car and what to learn.

1.  I think every woman should know how to change a tire.  (by the way these are my opinions not law or fact).  Also, they're all pretty self explanatory as to why they're on this list.  Any questions leave a comment.

2.  Find out how much poundage of air goes into your tires.  Take a standard US penny with Abe Lincoln’s head on it. Insert the penny into a space between the tread of the tire. If you can see the top of his head, it’s time for a re-fill.

3.  Change your oil every 3,000 miles.

4.  Keep your mechanic's phone number on you (tow truck etc.).

5.  Check your radiator!  It should always maintain anti-freeze/water 50/50~ 
Also, don't forget to have an emergency kit in the car along with a blanket.  You never know you or someone else might need it.  

So there ya go!   Have a great day!  HUGS


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Danielle S said...

Since I was a tomboy as a child, I was taught how to change a tire, check my oil, radiator, etc., at a young age. I have changed tires before, and I hate hate hate the job. Lucky for me, my hubby and the boys do most of this for me.

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