Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Do you ever have songs just POP into your head?

When I was little my Mom would buy me records for my phonograph.  Yes, yes, yes, I said phonograph and I use to play them all day long.  I had stories too like Peter and the Wolf and Snow White and Here comes Susie Snow Flake... but one popped into my head today I'd like to share with you... first a pic of me when I was little....

Okay, it's an old tune, but they still sing it in Bible school.  I thought I'd share it I'm sure your kids will think it's cute!  Maybe you could teach it to them... It's a good lesson to learn!

Here's another old tune that was running through my head too!  Do any of you know this one?  

Called "Running Bear"

Hope you enjoyed my old tunes.  I'm sure the kids will if you'd like to play the tunes for them.  Have a great day!  HUGS

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Marie .. is this your blog - have you been over to and left a wonderful comment for me - thank you!

I can't seem to easily find you via G+ .. which I don't do .. but did spend some time searching ...

But here you're not doing the A-Z ... so are you on is that you?

Cheers .. Hilary

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