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Getting Ready for Baby: Essentials for Newborns

Recently, I discussed doing a Guest Post with my friend Tanya, and this is what we came up with (I collaborated just a tiny bit, but Tanya did the entire article.  Picture is mine).  So sit back and enjoy our...
"Getting Ready for Baby: Essentials for Newborns"

Being pregnant is a magical time for most mums and, while some may suffer more than others, knowing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel continues to spur mums on and keep them staying positive. It’s certainly not an easy time but, as long as you focus on the good, any discomfort that crops up along the way can be forgotten about.

While, for the most part, being pregnant brings with it a chance to step back, relax and calm down a little, it’s difficult to shut your mind off completely. Despite friends and family telling you to take it easy and to relax whenever you can, it’s hard when you have so much to think about!

From scan dates and blood tests to plans for the nursery and what to pack into your hospital bag, there’s a lot to think about and, while nine months may seem a long time, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it passes by.

One of the things that you need to consider in advance of the big day is what sort of essentials your baby will need once he has entered the world. The more you can prepare before his birth, the better. After all, what brand new mum will want to be traipsing around baby stores as soon as they’ve left the delivery ward?

So, what does a newborn baby need?

  • A Car Seat – if you’re planning to both be driven home from the hospital, a car seat will be essential. One that fits onto a pram or travel system would be even better.
  • A Pram – As mentioned above, a pram is a must if you hope to be getting out and about to show him off to everyone!
  • A Cot – While an actual cot could wait a little bit, a Moses basket that can be put next to your side of the bed will aid in night feeds. It’s recommended, nowadays, for them to sleep in your room until they’re 6months old, too.
  • A baby mobile for them to be stimulated by when they’re in their cot or Moses basket will help them to be entertained while they’re awake (and you’re not!)
  • Nappies and toiletries – it’s up to you whether you choose to use disposable or reusable nappies. Whatever you choose though, make sure you have plenty.
  • Clothes – various sizes are ideal because it’s amazing how quickly they grow! A good selection of babygros, sleepsuits and outfits will be helpful – although, remember, you’re likely to get plenty of cute little outfits as gifts.
  • Muslin squares – these are often considered to be even more of a must-have than bibs. They can be used for almost everything and are bigger than bibs, too.
  • Feeding supplies – these aren’t really necessary if you’re breastfeeding but if you plan to express or formula feed, they’re crucial.

While this list certainly isn’t an exhaustive one, it gives you a basis to work from. Start buying little bits before he’s born, or add them to your baby shower gift list to help inspire others!

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Danielle S said...

My daughter is really settling down now that she is expecting. I can hardly wait to see my first grandchild! This is a great post. Really tells you exactly what you need. I, myself, never needed any of the feeding supplies. I had a full stock that our Good Lord gave me everyday!

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