Monday, November 18, 2013

Delivery Man opens in theaters everywhere November 22, 2013!

“It’s a great premise that is a little bit crazy,” says Vaughn,
“but underneath it all the movie is about family, about
connection and about finding your way, so it has a lot of
heart to it. The movie deals with real issues that families
go through, what people go through in life trying to find
their way and be successful, in a very authentic way. But
there’s also an underlying optimism, warmth and love
to the film that’s very powerful and funny.”
I had the unique privilege to see "The Delivery Man" on the red carpet, and I was in awe!  I had already loved Vince Vaughn from "Fred Claus" (as you know I'm a big Christmas fan), and he was most excellent in that movie also.  The Delivery Man just showed a similar part of him being the funny man that he is, but yet in a serious way!  Now, he is definitely a big family man to say the least in both of these pictures it comes out, but especially in, "Delivery Man".  In fact, he was supposed to show up to the opening, but his wife was in labor, so I guess I can forgive him for that.  It didn't matter because The Delivery Man was awesome.  It will not disappoint I promise you.  I laughed my butt off where I should, and shed a tear a few moments later.  It was just awesome.  You almost felt like you were there.  A part of the movie.  I'm telling you you have to go see this movie.  I know here ya go!  Here's a taste on what you will see!

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DELIVERY MAN releases in theaters on November 22nd!

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