Friday, October 26, 2012

Signs on the Cheap Review!!!

Well, it finally happened!  I am the Designated Driver!!  OH BOY!

Well aren't they just too cute and too happy!  I'd say they're very 
satisfied customers!

And you know what?  You can have these signs or banners too!  Especially the vinyl banners for example.  Let's say you're having a birthday party or Christmas party or better yet a New Years Eve Party wouldn't these look good on the wall?  Or let's say you have a business check out the car magnets on my car.  They are digitally printed using UV curable inks for long-lasting durability.   Also,  they do not damage your car. I checked, and it holds up very well in any weather (not sure about the snow yet lol), and you can take that to the bank ladies & gentlemen because you all know how I feel about my new car (well, it still feels like it's new to me)!

As you see above two happy campers to get their custom vinyl banner, which was used the day this pic was taken at their gig.  We sent them what we wanted which was super simple.  Even my hubby was able to do it (snicker-snicker), and this company makes banners for any occasion that's going on in your life.  You can even choose from one of hundreds of design options or create your own banner using this banner design tool they have (again super simple/not hard at all).  All of their banners are completely customizable to what you want.   

Now, I cannot say enough about this company.  They made everything to our specifications, and if we had a questions they have very nice customer service eager to help to make your banner or magnetic signs to your preferences.  They offer superior quality vinyl banners at very affordable prices.  Check this out, they even offer tons of accessories to make your banner stand out.  So what are you waiting for?  Get over to... oh my gosh wait did I tell you about their Canvas Prints & Signs?
 Oh come on, just a second more and I'll let you go.  Check these out & it's so easy to do download what you want and POOF!  It's on it's way to  you!  You want signs like Garage Sale, For Sale they've got that too at these oh so reasonable prices.  So, get your list ready there's about four sites you can choose from

Disclaimer:   No compensation was received for this post. I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.


Adaptable Kay said...

Yes ma'am, I'd say they are happy customers! I can see why, too :)

I love these types of things for my business. Hey, if you're the owner of your own business, you got to be the advertiser among many other things!

Great review my CM ^.^

Rebecca said...

i love this kind of advertising i'm always reading the cars beside me and banners

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

The signs are awesome and you are too funny!
Designated driver...LOL

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