Thursday, October 4, 2012

A trip down memory lane!

Would you like to know a little bit more about me???
Yesterday I took a trip up north to see a very dear old friend of mine who I haven't seen in six years. 
hehe I left right after rush hour around 10:00 a.m.

On the road again I took about 14 yrs. ago every day at the same time, and then again at 3:00 p.m. to truck on home.

I use to work at a law firm in downtown Chicago as a legal assistant for 18 yrs.  I was waitressing to be close to the kids (I was a single mother), and my back was giving out back then.  I went for this job that my cousin helped me get, and the man hired me as his legal secretary (personal injury, workers comp & medical malpractice).  After he closed his doors the wonderful gentleman Fred Raskin & Associates gave me a job.  I learned so much for this wonderful man.  I still keep in touch with him after he retired & moved to Arkansas.
I really miss him.  He is such a smart man, and a great lawyer & an even better boss.  He's the one who pushed me back to school, and I got $50 more a week when I became a  legal assistant.  I couldn't get my diploma until my tuition was paid, and my boyfriend paid for it at the time.  My Dave and a graduation present.  I worked for him for years and learned so much & then he retired and I was hired by Dilling & Dilling.  Mr. D was the attorney for Mr. Tucker (move a man & his dream who made only 50 of the Tuckers cars).  He was a Food, Drug & Cosmetic Law Attorney.  He gave up his office downtown when he had a stroke, but moved his firm to his home & asked if I would go with.  Extremely far for the same pay & put all that wear and tear on my car.  He then gave me a raise, an allowance for gas every including a I-Pass, and a 1989 Towncar which he paid for the maintenance.  Time went out and Mr. D had another stroke & I knew I couldn't take the chance any longer and had to find a new job because I didn't want to have a job today and then none tomorrow if you catch my drift.  Which I found a job two months later & did and the poor man died about 8 months later.  His wife and I  remained friends through e-mail and lunch every now and then.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I sure did miss her, so it's just something I had to do.  So off I went.
Here we are.  Mrs. D is 89 yrs. old I believe & walks on the thread mill every day at 7:00 a.m. and going to see her daughter who is the President of the Adelle Davis Foundation in California.  She just came back from seeing her other daughter in another state.  God bless you my friend Betty.
Isn't she just too cute, and here is her home that I call "Tara" like "Gone with the Wind"!
They even have a built in pool in the backyard & a winding staircase.  WOW!

Well, our visit still had to end so here's a few shots on the way home.  How sad to see it end, but we had a great time talking about old fund times and our laughter together.  Thanks & hope enjoyed walking dfown memory lane with me.  By the way, I burned my finger this morning.  Anyone know how to get the sting out.  It's horrible.  It was from grease.  OUCH!
Another home down the street. It was beautiful
Here I go on the way home.

Her church in the neighborhood.  Another gorgeous building.
On the road again..
O'Hara Airport.


Almost home!


Cathy Kennedy said...

I think it's great you've kept up with these friends over the years. What a lovely photo essay! Betty looks wonderful for her age. I hope I am active like she is at that age.
Old Days

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

What a fantastic trip and to learn more about you!
~Naila Moon

Gigi Ann said...

It's been a while since I visited last, and what a fun day to choose to visit you. I enjoyed strolling down memory lane with you today. Thanks for inviting me along.

Create With Joy said...

Dear Dolly

Thanks for sharing a little of your personal history - I'm delighted to get to know a little more about you this Friendship Friday!

I hope your finger feels better and that you have a fabulous weekend!

Hugs as you

Create With Joy

Miranda M said...

You've been blessed to have such long-lasting friendships!

Adaptable Kay said...

Let me tell you ma'am, if I's still going like that and look THAT good at 89, I will be one H.A.P.P.Y girl! She looks incredible for her age; honestly, I wouldn't put her a day over 70 if you asked me ^.^

It sounds like you were truly blessed with several wonderful jobs and bosses early on in life my CM!

It's nice to hear that you try and keep in touch with all those people, too :)

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip into the city!

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