Saturday, March 19, 2011

SOOC Saturday {or Sunday} and Happy Birthday to our Shawnie!

I'm linking up with Amy @ Marvelous Mommy for SOOC Saturday. (straight out of editing) I don't remember if I ever tried this, but I had the button in my side-bar, so I'm sure it's there to remind me! Anyway, whether you are a professional photographer, an amateur photographer, or just someone who likes taking pictures (that part is me), our host encourages us to link up! This is a super simple weekend meme that doesn’t take up much time!  Sooooooo, going to give it a whirl, and see what happens!  Here's my picture for the day!  I went to visit Aunt Mitzi.  For those of you who know me I have featured my Aunt before.  Love her to pieces, and she's doing quite well for a 87 yrs young.

Birthday Boy - "Mr. Cranky Pants" NaNee luvs you!
And by the way this is his big brother, "G"

Now doesn't he look like he's up to something!  That's my wonderful SIL ready for whatever his baby's got to dish out!  LOL  You go Big Dude!  hahahaha  Love my boys!
By the way, I've changed the picture on my button so those you who have my old one it may not work, so if you'd like to grab my new one feel free! I like this one much better! ~hehe~


Jennifer Bowen said...

Nice shots! Your aunt has a really pretty name. I had a friend in elementary school with the same name. =)

Ronalee said...

Great job. I keep the button on my blog also, and I think this is my first time joining.

Sofa King said...

Happy Birthday to the lil' spud!

Adaptable Kay said...

Those are all great shots Dolly! I love the one of your Aunt-She reminds me of my Auntie Winona May who just passed away about a year ago.

My question is, is she as feisty as my aunt!? LOL

Happy birthday Mr. Cranky Pants!

Oh, grabbed the new button and it's now proudly displayed on my site xD

Amy @ Marvelous Mommy said...

Thanks for linking up today! Have a great weekend!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Love seeing photos of Aunt Mitzi, she looks lovely.
Happy birthday Shawnie, hope you had a fabulous time and got lots of presents. HUGGLES!!

~ Noelle said...

happy birthday!
i am sure with your family as great as they are, you had a wonderful time

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