Tuesday, December 29, 2009

“My top 10 ways to get fit after the holidays”

I look forward to holidays every year with all the decorations, shopping, and goodies.  Then of course there's being with the family, running here and there, and tasting all the Christmas treats, and before you know it I’ve gained 10 pounds I didn't have before!
This New Year, Electronic Arts Inc. and TwitterMoms have teamed up to bring us a fun contest to win prizes and help you and I melt off the holiday pounds! 5 entries will be randomly selected to win a copy of EA SPORTS Active™ Personal Trainer – the highest rated Wii™ fitness product to date for use on the Nintendo Wii system!  So, there you have it.  My motivation to write my 10 ways to get fit after the holidays, and one of the reasons that I've decided to enter their give-away.  I really need to win this to help me shed these pounds I have to lose for my health.  Did you know being overweight you risk your life to diabetes, heart disease, high-blood pressure, high cholestrol, and others?  Well, I have most of those, and I take nine different medications each day, three times a day.  It's no picnic and I'm fed up.  I want to stick around to play with my grandchildren, and dance at their weddings.  So, let me try this.

Okay, holidays are over and so is the holiday cookies, candy, pies, and other such holiday treats.  My daughter told me about this fantastic give away, and I've come to the decision that this is what I want to do.  This is what I need to do.  I've come up with "10 ways to get fit after the holidays", and this is number one:

1.  Place your left hand on the end of the table and then the right.  Now "PUSH"!  Yes, you need to finish your meal and get up from that table. You don't need to linger.  Lingering only brings temptation to finish what you've left on your plate or pick at the few morsels that's left in that bowl.  When we were little our parents use to yell at us to finish what's on your plate.  Okay, that's when you were LITTLE.  You needed to grow tall.  Now, we're still growing, but we're growing wide!  

2.  Try eating a plain salad before supper (or with table spoon of light dressing), with a full glass of water.  It'll give you that full feeling.  Also, when you're making your plate if you usually take three heaping spoons of whatever cut it down by one spoon, and start taking smaller portions.  Oh yes, and don't forget to drink that full glass of water before every meal.  I've also been having less meat and more fish or skinless chicken, but I make sure there is red meat in my diet at the very least once a week.  I've been trying a portion of the meat factor whether it be meat, chicken or fish ( I stay away from pork), and taking a extra spoon of vegetable instead of potato or noodles/rice.  I also do not fry with oil.  I use the spray, and only use oil when it's absolutely necessary.

3.  I have found that eating things that are white have a tendency to put weight on me, so I've limited the white in-take.   I've been on a no white diet before and it worked fine for me.  It's when I went off of it... uh-oh.  Also, if you're a pop drinker did you ever look to see how many calories were in one can of soda.  Yes, 150 in comparison to diet soda which is 0.  Now what would you like to drink?  Bread is my weakness, so I've switched to the 35 calories a slice bread in comparison to the 80 or 60 calorie a slice.  I've also become a calorie counter.

4.  Now, let's pay attention to what we're doing in the home.  If you've bent over to get something do it twice.  Add a little extra exercise.  In the morning when I go into the kitchen to get my coffee I need to pass through my front-room, so I stop at our couch (or maybe a chair if you're couch isn't available), I put my hands on top with my feet about five steps back or whatever is comfortable for you, and I do at the very least ten push ups.  I may not be able to do it from the floor due to a bad back, but these are simple and I'm exercising.  WOO HOO. 

5.  Instead of sending your child out for the mail or your husband ladies, put your shoes on and take that walk out in front to get that mail, stand up tall and maybe walk to the backyard first and then to the front of the house to get it.  Take a few extra steps.  If you're mailbox is too close for that short walk, I'm sure you can find a way to take a brisk walk up and down the driveway or out in front of your home.  It doesn't have to be a long walk, just walk.

6.  Okay, now let's go shopping.  Let's first park further away from the store, so we can walk a little.  Now shopping.  Instead of buying your usual butter let's try low-fat.  In fact, there are many different things that's low fat like salad dressings or mayo.

7.  Instead of drinking that whole milk let's try 2% or better yet how about some skim milk.  Come on I know you like milk, and you don't have to give it up totally, but let's try it so we can get back into those jeans we use to wear before the Christmas cookies and pudding.

8.  Speaking of milk how about instead of eating those cupcakes during Desperate Housewives let's try a half a bowl of cereal.  No, no, no, not the kids cereal.  How about some Special K or plain Cheerios? Check the calories on the side of the box & compare it to your kids sugary cereal, and if cereal doesn't do it for you try some fruit.

9.  Okay, time to get ready for bed.  How about we run downstairs to throw a load of clothes in the machine so all we have to do is push buttons tomorrow morning.  (Okay, that was one flight of stairs).  Now, how about 10 more of those push-ups off the couch/chair.  Don't forget to sturdy that chair up against something.  Okay, that's enough for tonight.  You've done good.  Pat yourself on the back.

10.  Last, but not least.  I have a exercise for you to do in the car.  You're driving along let's tighten those butt cheeks.  Tighten and count to ten, release.  Tighten and count to ten release.  Let's start out with ten times, and gradually build up to more.  Also, we can even try suck in that gut - hold, count to ten, release.  Suck it in, hold, count to ten and release.  Start out with ten and gradually increase.

Always remember if something hurts "DON'T DO IT".  A therapist told me that.  You'll only pay for it later.  In the beginning start out small and gradually build later.   These are just items I've heard over the years.  I don't claim to be a health or exercise expert.  They're things I've tried and they've worked.  Good luck and oh just one more thing, don't weigh yourself every day or even every couple of days; once a week is more than enough. 

Don't forget to check with your doctor first before you start any sort of routine that is out of the ordinary.

Well, that's it my friends.  If I hear of any new ideas I'll let you know.  Now go weigh yourself and make a note and chart it once a week and let's see what happens.  Oh, and if you hear of anything let me know.  GOOD LUCK!  And here's to a New Year's resolution I hope we all keep!  To a long and healthier life, cheers!


Daenel T. said...

Your list is too funny ~ love the butt squeezes in the car!

jen@odbt said...

Great tips. #1 is the best. I am still of the mindset I have to finish my plate 30+ years later.

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