Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Tatyanna!

We had a small birthday party at Chuck E Cheese yesterday for my eleven year old granddaughter Tatyanna Marie. She's getting so big and prettier every day, and smart too. Well, kids barely got their pizza down & they were off to play all the games. Now as far as I'm concerned the food was awful. I don't know it just tasted dirty to me. I had a salad folks so don't even bother going to that "ALL YOU CAN EAT"? AUGH!!! And I took a bite of the pizza and that was like putting dough and bland sauce in my mouth & not much sauce I might add. So, now we see were they make their money at GAMES because they sure don't spend it on their food or their so called prizes. Cheap little trinkets that make kids happy I suppose, but then sad as it breaks in the car on the way home. No, here is my opinion for that place - TAKE THE KIDS TO A MOVIE! Any place then Chuck-E-Cheese. I added some smiles that made the whole thing worth while! (Little one is Roslyn, Tatyanna on the left, and Jaelyn on the right).

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Night Owl Mama said...

Funny how much she looks like "ME" with her hair pulled back. those are my features. lol ashame Brianna couldn't make that day

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