Sunday, October 11, 2009

Go Digital! Get Digital Health Records With "I Am Enabled"

At I am enabled they ask these very important questions:

  • How have digital health records changed—or could change—how you manage your family’s (or even extended family’s) health? First of all there's no more guessing games. No more I think I had this shot, or maybe I had this test a year ago, or maybe two. No more paying for a doctor visit, co-pay etc., taking time out of your day or work to go see the doctor to find out you needed to stop taking that medicine or just to give you peace of mind on a question. I love being able to: Communicate with my doctor, access my test results, request prescription renewals, view my recent clinic visits, & what happened & even look at a diagnosis & my recent health evaluation, and it even has tips to keep me that way. Yes, my clinic came up with this a few years ago, and I love it. So, basically what is My Chart you say?
MyChart is a free & secure interactive service available to established active Dreyer patients through the Clinic's electronic medical record (EMR) system. MyChart allows a patient to request a prescription refill, view test results, view their health summary, request an appointment, and communicate electronically with their health care team. Need I ask for more. I recommend it to everyone especially if you have children. I'm a mother of four children... oops... excuse me... four adults, and nine grandchildren. Have I passed the word? Every chance I get and every mother and daughter I meet. It's nice to have that peace of mind with your children, grandchildren and even your aging parents.

  • How would you use a Flip Cam to tell your story? I would take pictures of all wonderful nurses at the computer at my clinic & my doctors & their smiling faces. Also, I would take pictures of this secure smiling face reading my chart on-line knowing I have all the answers at my finger tips. Knowing that every doctor I go too within the Dreyer network has access to all my records at their finger tips. Wouldn't it be wonderful if that access could go everywhere to any doctor wherever I go? So, they would have that knowledge too? To be able to know illnesses I have or did have or shot records or most importantly allergies. It also now has :
  • Ask Customer Service - Send a question or comment about using MyChart to the Help Desk. This feature allows you to contact the clinic regarding non-medical concerns.
  • Lab result Graphing - When you are viewing test results, you will now see a button to view historical results. This will allow you to see past test result values in a chart, or if you prefer, a graph.
  • Pediatric Growth Charts - Parents with proxy access to view their child's chart will now be able to view growth charts. So, come on who can ask for more? I'm very satisfied. Wouldn't you be?
  • SO.... How would I use the Flip Cam to tell my story? I'd take a pictures of smiling faces from NaNee to daughters and sons, and beautiful granddaughters and handsome adorable grandsons! Then I would take pictures of all my friends smiling faces that I tell about my peace of mind and my whole family! And that's ONE BIG FAMILY & ONE BIG CONNECTED SMILE! Then I'd tape an editorial for my daughter & tell her of her family on both sides & of any illnesses or something that even might be hereditary that I know about. This way she'll remember this & pass the word to her siblings & when she is my age sure do the same for her daughter. It may be digital, but there's nothing like watching Mom tell you stories of the family, and this one will live on.
  • My daughter told me about I Am Enabled and she is NightOwlMama (also a blogger) and tells about all my beautiful grandbabies and other helpful things for mothers, and I'm glad she told me about this so I can tell all of you about our family's "Connected smiles", and if I ever get a Flip Cam I can show you!
  • Now, let me ask you an important question. Does your family have a "Connected smile"?


Night Owl Mama said...

xcellent post mother now you need 2 more comments. A flip cam is a video camera they are absolutely wonderful so I have heard but don;t own 1/ I so am signing up te medical records for on line my doc still uses paper and pen with folders

Robert said...

I find this very interesting I'll give that website a good read thanks

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