Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1, 2009

Today would've been my mother and father's 65th Wedding Anniversary! Lord, I really miss them a lot. My dad loved to tell jokes, and fix things. All the time fixing things. My mom -- well, she was a party girl and loved to dance. She use to love to just, go, go, go! Shopping, oh boy her favorite past time. Well, Happy Anniversary you two! Kisses and hugs and butterfly kisses from me to you!

Today is the second day that I've restarted my diet. The medicine the doctor put me on is working fantastic except it's been keeping me up at night. Today I took it much earlier so we'll see how we do. I've posted a before picture, so you can see the before and after. Man, did you ever see so many chubby people in one picture. LOL Well, not my sister-in-law, but me and the boys -- DANG! I'm the one in black. The guy on the right end is my hubby (he loves my cooking). He also is a musician and you can hear his work at www.bananamoon.info. The one on the left in red is my little bro Paulie. He quit smoking a year after I did, and I've been smoke free for eight years. Way to go, BRO!!! Well, this is the before. I hope after what take too long.

My back has started up again, and there has been days that it has brought tears to my eyes for standing to long. I've been trying to ignore the pain, but sometimes it gets very difficult to do that. I know have these patches from the doctor that I haven't tried yet, so hopefully they will give me some relief. Well, off to Yoville (my favorite game lately) and get more coins to buy more furniture. hahahaha Enjoy and post something good. Feelings, joke or even a good piece of juicy gossip will do. LOL

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