Friday, September 25, 2009

Nutrition Clinic day!

Well, two and a half more pounds bit the dust! It may not be much, but at least it's better than gaining. I've been going to therapy for my back lately, so at least I'm able to finally get some exercise in. Maybe now the weight loss will go quicker. Woo Hoo!

Some tips I've found regarding eating habits are an all "NO WHITE" diet. Now if you're like me and you love your bread and pasta's on your semi-cheat days (and you have to have those), they sell bread that's only 35 calories a slice. If I crave that piece of toast go ahead and have "1". It'll cure the craving. Also, remember the old saying, "It's not quantity it's quality". THAT'S TRUE! Shorten that quantity and you'll live a much happier life. I've also learned that Aldi's now sells FIT & ACTIVE. Great products with the dieter in mind. I get their spaghetti, some snacks, ice tea, and many other things. Also, I do not cook with oil anymore! Big no-no! I cook with the spray butter now. I also use that spray when I cook vegetables and only fresh vegetables or frozen - NO CANS! Cans have too much sodium. The spray butter flavor gives it the flavor and no calories. Very cool. I also recently found salt that is 1/3 less in sodium. I don't remember the store I bought it at, check back and I'll let you know. Also very cool for you women (and me) that feet and legs swell due to water retention.

Well, there's a few tips! Next visit is in three weeks. Talk to you then!

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