Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WEIGHT BE GONE! Going, Going, Gone????

Hi Everyone! This is my Weight Be Gone Thursday. If you would like to follow me in my journey you are welcome, and if you'd like to share your own journey feel free to sign my linky below, and I'll come visit you, and read your story too! If you have a great diet recipe you would like to share I'd appreciate it very much.

The reason I've started my journey is I had a rude awakening to the reality of life's threats in that if I still wanted to lead a fun, and somewhat of a meaningful happy life I had to make some serious changes.  I have Spinal Stenosis, which means my back hurts like hell.  We'll get about that another time, but for now I'll tell you what all the practicing physicians (I hate them practicing on me - IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?), say to me is lose weight and your pain will go away!  YEAH... YEAH... YEAH!  Okay, I'm taking my shots, which don't seem to be working to well lately.  Sooooooooooooooooo as I told you last week I have started the Health Club again, but not water aerobics just yet.  I'm working out on the machines.

Okay, weighed in on Monday & I was 251 and finally starting to get rid of some of the water I contained over that hot spell we had.  I've been working out every day this week, and yesterday I weighed in at 248.8.  Woo Hoo.... wait for it... wait for it...  PAUSE FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT.................................
I weighed in this morning and..............................................  dot dah da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  246.4 lbs.  WOO HOO!  GOING GOING... WHAT?  I must be doing something right.  In case you've forgotten I weighed 281 when I started in January, and due to the pain in my back I couldn't exercise except for the water aerobics and even that stopped for a while, but I did watch what I ate.  So I have lost... DRUM ROLL PLEASE... 34.6 lbs. so far and I think that's pretty dam good on my own.  Could you imagine what I could do if I had one of these clubs on my side?   Oh, I've been considering doing Nutri-System, but I haven't really looked into them properly yet.  I think that'll be next week's Post and I'll let you know if hubby says yes or not.  Got to check all my corners.  MAMA NEEDS SOME HELP HERE!   I'm gonna make this happen I tell ya!  I cannot take anymore of this pain, and I'm tired of this dam double chin and looking like a big moose in Christmas pictures with my grandbabies!  SHEESH!  I WANNA BE MEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... I GOT TO BE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...  I WANT TO ROCK & ROLL!

Okay, I'm calm now.  So, what do you think, huh?  Pretty good job I'd say.  Now just gotta keep it up and if I keep losing even a pound a day that will be 30 lbs by Sept 8th and that's when our party is.  I will look much better for pictures.  WOO HOO!  I still haven't heard from the doctor about that sleeve thing for my stomach.  I'd still like to do that, but I want to do some more research on it first.

So for supper tonight I  had Salmon, broccoli and a small salad with lite ranch dressing and a glass of skim milk.  Not bad huh?  Okay, I splurged a tad.  I love brown sugar on my salmon & a touch of lite melted margarine on it too. mmmmmmmm  

So if you would like to share your journey also sign my linky below and I'll come visit and any other ladies that are traveling our long hard road too!  Come on ladies we got to stick together!  Hugszzzz  Any tips are much appreciated.  Thanks and have a great day!

This is a sign at our park I've been walking around with baby.  We usually go at 7:00 a.m. after Dave leaves because I take my walker in case I get tired (it has a seat).  Cool, huh?  Maybe some pics next week and I hope good news about  I'm going to google them and find out all about them as best I can.  Maybe even contact Nutri-System, and ask for advice.  hmmmmm.  Wish me luck!

*Disclaimer: Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  No compensation was received for this post.


CMash said...

WTG!!! Fantastic. I am soooo proud of you. Like you, weight is my enemy especially with a bad back. I did Nutrisystem a few years ago and within 3 months I had lost the weight of my goal. However, I did put it back on due to eating too much ice cream, my comfort food. If I had the funds, I wouldn't think twice about doing it again because it did work!! GL will be monitoring your progress especially if you do Nutrisystem to see how you make out. Maybe in the near future, I will be able to go use their system again.
Good Luck!!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

I think you are doing awesome!!
You amaze me, you have such willpower, and you need to treat yourself a little bit or NO diet will work. So a little brown sugar on your fish is fine. It's all a matter of moderation.
I really hope you can start Nutri-System if you find that is what you want to do. I've know a couple people that it has worked wonders for - and they give you a couple of snacks each day, so even they understand that you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, in moderation.
You know how much I lubs you so I am really happy you are doing this for your health. HUGGLES!

becca said...

weight battle is on going i'm still stuck at 185 same place I started the summer at seems no matter how far a bike ride or what I eat the scale hates me. bu ti refuse to give in. oh and great job i'm totally happy dancing for you

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

That is absolutely FABULOUS Dolly, seriously, I am SO proud of my cyber mommy! :) Nearly 35 lbs in nothing to snub your nose at either; that's a considerable loss!

You're definitely on the right track and are working so hard for this.

Every little step forward counts so just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you'll reach your goal in no time :)

Danielle @ Royalegacy Reviews said...

You are doing fantastic! I love reading other people's great results. Gives me more will power to help me out. Thanks for the update.

Naila Moon said...

Great job Dolly! I really need to get out of this rut and get back to it. I might have a blog up tomorrow. CHeck back.
Oh and Nutri-System! I always thought they would be great for me. Just...well, ya know.
~Naila Moon

JamericanSpice said...

34.6lbs is awesome! You have to be very proud of you Dolly!

I hope you do get some help from one of these great companies!

Yay for you!

janetfaye said...

Congratulations on what you have accomplished!!

Tricia Nightowlmama said...

YOu did it your broke the barrier and got over that hump. So excited for you. Your going to be on a roll now I just know it. SO proud of you and I hope and pray that Nutri System gives you a chance. Its women who work hard on weight loss and take the extra step to eat properly with a great program like nutrisystem so they can show you what a portion size looks like and I hear they have really great food too. Fingers crossed for you and toes, and eyes too. Can't wait to read your next update. Must of been chasing my kids around last weekend that helped you. want to do that again? lol

Diane said...

You are doing fantastic keep it up!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Look at you GO! You are truly an inspiration. ;) Keep up the good work, Marie - like your daughter said, you're on a roll! Just don't eat 'em... (snicker!) :)

Lucy said...

Awesome! This is so great for your health and not an easy challenge, way to go :)

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Brilliant job, my friend. You're doing soooo well. I wish I was so motivated right now. but I'm back on the bus on Monday.

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