Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pavarotti was a great singer! Is his granddaughter?

A friend of mine sent this to me via email and I had to share it with all of you.  This is a video of
 PAVAROTTI granddaughter who is only 15 yrs. old.  

It is beautiful and emotional.  Such beauty!  Such emotion!  Get the tissues out you're going to need them.  Volume up, sit back and enjoy.  Grampa would've have been so proud!

Sislena Caparossa, 15, sings Nessun Dorma

Charles and Wilma Monluis send a video of Sislena Caparossa, 15, singing the aria Nessun Dorma from the opera Turandot of Giacomo Puccini, in a dramatic performance which brought tears to the eyes of many members of the audience:

We asked for some information about the singer, and received this reply:

"Here is what I could find about Sislena: she is from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, from the Arafo Municipality. It seems that her African heritage comes from her father, who is from the Dominican Republic. 

"Regarding her background things are very scanty since she came on the scene only last year. However they do mention that her mother sang in a chorus at one time, and that her father played the trumpet in the Juan Luis Guerra band (doesn't say which country)."

What a voice, she inherited - it's in the genes - Pavarotti's DNA,  Pavarotti lives on in her.

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Danielle S said...

I don't know about her singing voice. I don't think it's a quality opera singer. I've heard better. Perhaps with a good voice teacher she might just be able to make it.

Victoria Simcox Blog said...

Wow! What a beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing. :)

Unknown said...

You, Danielle, are an example of why comments should not be allowed. Puccini would have been proud.
You epitomize Epimenides definition of Cretan.

TheSuze said...

She's good, but she's not Pavarotti's granddaughter. She hails from the Canary Islands.

TheSuze said...

And I agree with Danielle. She isn't that good...yet. If you know opera, which Danielle clearly does, then you would know that.

Unknown said...

You Russ Horton, are an idiot.

Danielle Royalegacy is correct. Sislena Caparossa's voice is not to the contemporary standards of a professional Opera singer. Having said that he (and you) must also acknowledge that she is also only 15, and no 15 year old is at the proper standards for Opera.

Sislena Caparossa is well on her way though, and Danielle Royalegacy is again correct with proper training she just may make it.

This fact, in no way, should detract from the emotion and beauty of her performance of the aria Nessun Dorma, and should lift your soul, that perhaps we will see her in 5 or 6 years debut on a stage, and with practice, in a decade or so, become one of the greats in Opera.

Unknown said...

Oh u must be an expert, bec EVERYONE else seems to think it is beautiful.. How ignorant they are! Huh?

Patrick said...

So...all these experts....she is great...singing is about more than the technique...technique you can is about communication .. connecting to the audience..and the "acting" the drama..tbe soul. the dynamic range and the vocal instrument itself and she scores very high in every category with the understanding that the technique can improve. She has a better instrument the Jackie evancho for example..who has a real gift..more body more dynamic range..levanko has a bit more control. Someone said there is no fifteen year old proper opera singer...that is probably true..the voice only fully matures at age forty or so...she is terrific. 10 stars.

Patrick said...

Jusr to compare...the drama is what Evancho doesn't bring...again maybe better technique and control but that is it.

Unknown said...

I agree.I am dramatico lirico soprano. I was a vocalist at 16 years of age and my voice did mature at forty but singing in fully opera production on the stage withe a libretto, orchestra, acting, costumse and so on would give me a proper name as opera singer so again talent,training,practising, acting, delivering is a whole package that needs to be consider and that comes with maturity and expiriance. Good for her she is terrific at 15 but a long way to go.

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