Monday, November 19, 2012


Hubby loves his fish too and eating it at least twice a week is fine with him.  mmmm Shrimp Scampi


If you would have read my review for Thursday you would've all known Mama is on a Pre-Diet!  This is because I'm having that procedure called "The Sleeve", with regards to Mama's big tummy!  Now with this Pre-diet I'm supposed to eat a cup of food, veggies, and it's also a high protein diet.  No caffeine and no carbonation either by the way, and I eat 6 times a day... oh, and no liquids while I'm eating. ???  I haven't a clue (but I'll ask next time I go)!  Now I am a fish eater!  I L-0-V-E-S me some fish!  All kinds of fish, except I have to be careful with the ocean fish because I'm allergic to Iodine.  So depending what I'm eating like if it's lobster or especially crab legs I don't take any chances and I'll take a bendryl or something then I'm cool.

I mean look at this ONLY 90 CALORIES 
So Gorton's and I....  shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me and the fisherman we got this thing goin' on you see!  Oh my goodness.  I love the fish sticks, and the battered fish, and wait until you see this.  Talk about DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE!   
Always baked never fried!
Muuuwahhhhh's FAVORITE!!! mmm
So here's the scoop now Gorton's asked me to do this review because well, they wanted to pick my brain to see what I know! hmmmm So, let's not disappoint them ehhhhh
So, I've tried almost all of Gorton's products, and to be very honest & it is only my opinion... I REPEAT MY OPINION ONLY!!!!  I LOVE THEM ALL .................. except one!  Sorry, but I'm being honest, and you may love it, but I don't know maybe I need to try it again another time, but I tried the Tilapia and it just didn't sit well with me, but Garlic & Herb only 260 calories, and 140 from fat is fabulous as a sandwich or just alone with a squirt of lemon.  Hubby's likes the Garlic & Herb on a bun with some tartar sauce and a slice of lettuce for a sandwich for lunch at least twice a week, and if you would like some FREE RECIPES just go to

Here's my favorite one:
Thought seafood soup was hard to prepare? Think again. Try this delicious, quick & easy recipe for a gluten-free soup that is perfect for a cool, relaxing evening.


  1. Add 1 can (18.5oz) of Gluten Free Soup to a medium sized saucepan.
  2. Add two Grilled Fillets.  Simmer until fish breaks apart easily stirring frequently.
  3.  Heat until fish is fully cooked.


1 package Gorton’s Roasted Garlic Butter Grilled Tilapia (2 fillets - I didn't use the Tilapia because as I said earlier for some reason it didn't sit with me right, but you may enjoy it.  I used the "Grilled Lemon Pepper Fillets" as seen above
1 can Gluten Free Soup (try Amy’s Organics)

mmmmmm can't ya just taste it now!!!!

If you would like to eat healthy and control your calories fish is definitely the way to go, and if you want to control your budget Gorton's is definitely the way to go! 
So on that note how about Gorton's and I give you a little helping hand!  Today Gorton's is offering an Eat Seafood Twice a Week plate and a $2 off coupon for three of your readers.



Rebecca said...

i'm so exhausted from all the taste I need dinner and a nap

danw78704 said...

twitted this today, 04/12

annemarie562000 said...

I would love to try the Skillet Crisp Tilpia with Citrus Salsa Recipe!


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