Friday, January 8, 2010

As MacArthur said, "I shall return"!

Ya can't keep a good blogger down.  Isn't that what they say?  First & foremost  I want to thank all the people who felt my pain Wednesday (WW).  I'm so happy I have all these new friends to moan with me. lol   As I moped around the house because my husband was using his computer my goodness the things I found to do.  Shame on me!  Well, guess what?  There's a method to my madness and we're gonna get er' done.  I went through this place like the white tornado.  Just call me Mrs. Clean! All my dusting/polishing -- finished, windexing, vacuuming, drapes are washed, floors, and all the Christmas stuff is put away, stored, and the front room picture window is sparking clean from fingerprints, and tape.  WHEW!  So, hubby says the new computer is my reward for a job well done.  Guess what we ordered.  A brand spanking new HP for ME!  Should come Wednesday, maybe sooner.  I got an e-mail today saying it has been shipped.  WOO HOO!

So this is what's on the way:
HP Pavilion Elite e9200z PC
• Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
• AMD Athlon(TM) X4 620 quad-core processor [2.6GHz, 2MB L2, up to 4000MT/s bus]
• 4GB DDR3-1066MHz SDRAM [2 DIMMs]
• FREE UPGRADE! 640GB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s hard drive from 500GB
• 512MB NVIDIA GeForce G210 [DVI, HDMI, VGA]
• LightScribe 16X max. DVD+/-R/RW SuperMulti drive
• Integrated 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) Ethernet, No wireless LAN
• 15-in-1 memory card reader, 1 USB, 1394, audio
• Integrated 7.1 channel sound with front audio ports
• HP multimedia keyboard and HP optical mouse
• Microsoft(R) Works 9.0
• Norton Internet Security(TM) 2010 - 15 month
• HP Home & Home Office Store in-box envelope

Glossy black finish, illuminated logo. Includes pocket media drive bay, HP Easy Backup, and personal media drive bay

Exceptional performance and expandability

This powerful multimedia center is ready for challenging projects. Great for graphics-intensive files, music, and high-def movies, it's fully loaded and ready to multitask with ease and speed. You'll get:
  • Massive storage with large hard drive options, including RAID-enabled for data mirroring (backup and security) or high performance
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium, which simplifies and streamlines daily life on your PC
  • Stunning visuals with high-end Nvidia and ATI discrete graphics cards
  • Powerful 64-bit performance with optional 6GB DDR3 system memory3, 4 fast data transfer rates, and reduced power consumption5
  • The ultimate in expansion via two internal hard drives (one included).  
Wooooooooo Lordy, and all for me!  I'll be smokin'!!!!

I have a fairly new monitor and speakers, and I even have a new keyboard due to keys that were sticking last month, but a keyboard, and mouse comes with it just not sure if I'll use them because I like mine.  I have all the extra additives here already including programs etc.   I can't wait until it gets here.  Once it comes I'll let you know how our relationship is doing.  I can hardly wait.  Don't I have a good hubby?  He just hates to see me sad.  There he is now to the right.  Some of you might know him from or  He's a musician, and writes his own music sometimes. Gotta luv him!  Muuuuwaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

Again I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion I caused anyone, and I hope to out there blog hopping once again very soon! 

So, until later... Happy trails to you until we meet again.  Happy trails to you keep smilin' on till then.  Happy trails to you till we meet again! 


Colette S said...

Ooh hot dog that's a beaut! I'd be dancing! Kiss the hubs!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

What a sweetie-pie hubby! And a good lookin' machine you are getting. It's so sweet to get a new computer. I can't wait to hear all about it and read all your new posts!
Now go and thank your husband PROPERLY!! :-)

Robin said...

Very spiffy, enjoy!

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