Monday, December 28, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts! Just Six Seconds of your time!

Okay, I know this says it'll only take you one second to feed these cute little puppies, but you know what I'm asking my friends for six seconds of your time. One second for food and care for the animals, but I'm also asking for a second to get 1.1 cups of food to the hungry. A second for helping a child in need to get healthcare. Another second for helping a child to attain literacy, and yet another second for help to protect 11.4 square feet of rainforest, and the most important second to me please, please click for helping another woman in need get a free mammogram. Just six seconds a day. Come on we can all afford to do this. I know I will. This has been passed around so many times. Let's just keep it in our in-box to remind us at least every time we look at our mail. Thank you my friends.

You can do this once a day.

Hi, all you animal lovers!
This is pretty simple... Please ask ten friends to each ask a further ten today!

The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily so they can meet their quota of getting FREE FOOD donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute (about 15 seconds) to go to their site and click on the purple box 'fund food for animals for free'. This doesn't cost you a thing.

Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site! Please pass it along to people you know.

AGAIN, PLEASE TELL 10 FRIENDS!  Or copy this and e-mail it to your address list.  I believe I have more then 10 friends, so if you want to go down your address book as I did, bless you for your time.


Jennifer @ Mom Spotted said...

:) I clicked!

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