Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"We Ain't Right"! Hubby's New Band!

   This is the new band my husband has joined called the "We ain't right", band.  Aren't they just special?  Yes, they are a biker band.  One of the reasons this picture was taken is...

there was a professional photographer there taking pictures, and doing an interview for the DuPage County Chronicle for the upcoming Toys for Tots goings on at the VFW in Batavia, which the band shall be playing for, and starting out the ride!  No, my husband does not ride.  When I first met Dave back in 1991 he had a bike, and was hit by a pick-up truck as the truck turned the corner, and didn't see Dave.  The accident was bad and he was put in a coma.  One of the biggest injuries (to him) was that his right wrist was broken, which meant he could not play the guitar.  :(   Dave woke up on his birthday in May believe or not, and he had the biggest migraine ever is what he tells me, and the next thing you know the nurses were not coming in with even an aspirin, and he called his Mom to come, and get him, and she took her baby home with her.  You see they're Christian Scientists, and if you know anything about this religion they do not believe in doctors because as my bff tells me, "God does not make no junk"!  Anyway, long story short Dave recovered, we met in July and the rest is history.  So, Dave does not have any desire to ride a bike any time soon!

So, this is just a little update on my husband's musical career!  Thanks for stopping by!  :)


Stef H said...

it's NOT the bike that makes the music... it's the man! way to go dave! best of luck. you are sooooooooo gonna rock it!

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