Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wordless Wednessday

I really wanted the pic of the woman sitting
Hubby took me out last Friday and I seen this woman behind us with this black hat & raccoon tail or whatever it was.  So as I was taking pics around her I was able to get these two (blondie there is my friend Sally).  She finally looked my way & I snapped.  So I say, "KIM WHO?"  What do you think?

Happy Wordless Wednesday is a great day to post a picture that “speaks” for itself, no words needed!  I blog-hop all day long looking at great pics & blogs, finding new friends! How about you?  I sign up at my buddies below & then from then on WHO KNOWS!  

Mom Spotted with linky
My friend Mrs. Claus over at "Like Christmas Every Day" is sporting a new meme (well, new to me), and it's called Black & White Wednesday & I'm going to try it!  Here's mine:

This is my niece Marie (yes, she was named after me).  She is now 48 yrs. old
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Natalie said...

Funny hat, at first I thought this was a late Halloween post LOL And my niece has my middle name as her middle as well!! I was so thrilled to share my middle name, Alexis

Introducing Mr. Cool said...

Yes she does look like a Kardashian (or however you spell it) Is that a girl or man with her? Your friend has a pretty smile. Glad you're getting out. Hope you had a good time. Your niece was named after you? She is too cute. I'd love to see the today picture too.

Karen Mortensen said...

Oh my.

JamericanSpice said...

At first I thought it was late halloween too.

Very interesting getup.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Did she think it was Halloween?

GrammyMouseTails said...

hummm, I was thinking a funky witch for a late halloween?? LOL. thanks so much for all the get well wishes & prayers during my long to go recovery. You are a sweetie! ~Faythe @ GMT~

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Oh man...that had is quite...quite....wow. LOL

She really knows how to command attention with how she looks and dresses!

momto8 said...

I hope she was dressing up for a play.

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