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I love sharing my experiences of being a mom/NaNee (young gramma) and a wife (to my best friend  & soulmate).  I share my wonderful memories about my children & grandchildren/family with pictures & videos.  I also love to share my experiences with products I have tried, and am willing to try, and especially the ones I love and will recommend through posts, pictures, videos & give-aways for my readers.  Even more importantly I share only my honest opinion.  I even have models.  I draft my husband, and even some of his band members now & then. lol  My other models consist of myself, and my beautiful grandchildren and my children (boy, do they ham it up).

If you wish to have a product reviewed, advertised on XmasDolly because I've been there, done that and have to do it again and again.  I'm a SAHN (Stay at home NaNee).  I've had many experiences in many different fields I'd love to hear from you to discuss your product/products.  One more thing I'm also on medical disability due to Spinal Stenosis, and I've shared my journey from time to time regarding health issues & diet.   If I can help someone in that capacity,  I am so willing to share. Also, regarding weight, I've been fighting the battle of the bulge all my life, so from time to time I've shared that problem too, and have also given advice, answered questions in all aspects from health issues that I've been through and being a Mom & Grandmom when my readers ask.

CONTACT me using the form below at your earliest convenience.  I'm waiting to hear from you to help you spread the word of your fabulous products to my readers!

In helping you do so your logo will be in my side-bar for one month free of charge while your review/give-away is being advertised on all my social networks at the very least three, four even five times a week.   If you would like to keep your logo in my side-bar longer there is a small fee.

Tad more about me.  I have a diploma in cosmetology.  I've been a waitress, cocktail waitress & bartender while I was back in school studying to be a legal secretary & then on to be a legal assistant. I've raised four children, and have ten grandchildren I'm helping with, and a black Labrador we call "Baby".  I've had dogs all my life and love them.  My husband is a musician, and so was I.  I played piano, and backup vocals.  I have a meme on Monday's called "Monday's Music Moves Me", where my followers join in sharing their favorite songs/videos.  As you see I am a bit versatile.  I also use to be a toy demonstrator for a company for four years.   So do contact me at your earliest convenience & we'll see what we can work out.  I look forward to working with you & being an asset to your company.  Thank you for your time, and have a great day!
Xmasdolly at comcast dot net or
Xmasdolly704 at yahoo dot com
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