Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cedar Point Amusement Park was a B-L-A-S-T!!


FERRIS WHEEL there is gigantic for sure, and in the background you can see the newest rollercoaster at Cedar Point, "The Gate Keeper", which is a totally awesome ride.  Want to see it run?  Click on the ride I have it linked.  It will blow your mind. 
Definitely!  LOL  

Was I on this ride?  OH HELL YES/  & it is as high as the sky!  You sit in these little swings and up you go! Oh Lord, I'm coming to visit!  hahahaha~

Well, if you know where my new blog is I have some more there today too!  Come along for the ride, but don't forget I want to know whatcha think of these?  Aren't they the coolest?

Of course at the end of the long day before going back to our cottage we rented at Light House Point, we stopped at the...
How cool is that?  More next time... and thanks for stopping by.  Sharing my vacation memories with friends is the best!


Stef H said...

girl.... you are brave. i'd stay at the pool with a young handsome cabana boy for sure. no rides for me! glad you had FUN!

hugs :)

mail4rosey said...

I've missed the Max Air twice now (I keep running out of time!), but the older kids have gotten to ride it.

I love seeing pictures of the park. :)

rubysinncom said...

Wow! This is an absolutely spectacular place to spend the day with friends and young kids.

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