Thursday, July 2, 2009

So, the last time I went I lost 5 more lbs. don't know how though. I'm watching what I eat is all, but no exercising as of yet. I guess I'm afraid to hurt my back, but also I've had a lot of work lately. My six month check up for my heart doctor is not until August. As of yesterday (last night) I've started getting those chest pains again between my breasts. Wish I knew what that was. Oh well, back to work. Lady next door got a new puppy today. It looks like my mother's poodle, Peppy. I miss my Cleo. It's not good to be alone. Wish I had another dog or pet, something. Oh well, such is life. My life sure has changed from what it use to be. Maybe I need to get back to work, but who would hire me. Need to lose more weight. Very depressing. Okay, back to work -- no, got to go to the store. I miss my mom. I should've treated her better. Should've went there more. Miss you, Mom. I miss my babies too. I'll never get to hold them again. They're too big now. Should've done things differently back then too. Should've tried to spend more time with them, talked to them more, play games -- well, can't turn back the clock.


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