Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And the Angels heard their cry!

What were you doing that morning in history when a nation of people cried aloud?  I was getting ready for work watching the morning news sipping a cup of coffee when I saw the second disastrous plane fly into our second twin tower.  Who switched my channel?  Was I watching a horror movie?  I cannot believe my eyes.  In disbelief I kept getting ready, and left for work.  It was all over the radio, there was a deafening silence in the air.  I was driving past O'Hare Airport, and the airplanes on the ground gave me chills.  Oh Lord, can you hear me?  What is going on down here?  Is it the beginning of the end or is it a warning of what is yet to come?  I still felt empty even though I am alive, and safe.  I prayed for my husband, and my family that they too were okay.

We watched in awe and shock that whole night long, and donated what we could, and prayed until dawn.  No survivors as of yet?  None to find.  Dear God are they with you?  Confusion in my mind.  Tower Two fell to the ground, the silence was deafening, there wasn't a sound.  I'm only one person in this great country of ours.  You are my countrymen, my heart is saddened.  What can I do?  I feel so helpless, so empty!  Then something told me to use my hands, as those volunteers did.  Then the Angels heard the cry and came in the form of Firemen, Policemen, Priests, Doctors, and Nurses.  What can I do my heart hurt & mind boggled?  Then my fingers started to move.  I felt a tad better with every passing day.  It took me about a month to finish what comfort I could give... my donation to the day!  Rest in peace my friend, my fellow American.  As I watched on television the shadows of the Twin Towers were now two beams of light, and the Lady that stood at the shore of NYC seem to have a tear flow from her eye as she seemed to be waving good-bye!

This is what comforted me. I crocheted the above for 9/11/01
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CMash said...

Beautiful post!!!
I was sitting at the computer reading my email with the Today show on. I remember Katie and Matt say Breaking News and went to sit in front of the TV and didn't move for hours. It felt as if I was paralyzed with fear and praying for the victims. A day and 3000+ people that will never be forgotten.

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